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Is it possible to make dreadlocks from afro hair?

Asked by LanceVance (645points) July 12th, 2009 from iPhone
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If it’s long and dirty enough.

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Dirty hair has nothing to do with locks. Don’t be ignorant.

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@Facade- It has everything to do with it. Read up on the spiritual side of dreads or ask any Rastafarian.

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I’m not talking about spirituality. People have the notion that locks are dirty, which is only true if in fact the person hasn’t washed their hair.

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True rasta dreads come from not washing or combing your hair, then twisting and “locking.” Also being a “natural mystic” and accepting “life everliving” is essential.

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But having dreads no longer need be associated with being Rasta. To answer the question, absolutely yes. Hair that can form a good Afro would make excellent dreads.

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Kewl. Then I guess I’ll wait and grow some more than make locks. Thanks.

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Actually, Afro hair makes the best dreads, and makes dreads naturally if left alone. Also clean hair dreads up more easily than dirty hair as the oils keep the hair from locking up. However, you need to use residue-free shampoos to get good dreads because the conditioners, etc., will keep the hair from locking.

My friends with dreads keep them scrupulously clean. However, they are not Rastafarians who are constrained by various rules. They have chosen dreads as their fashion statement. One of my dreadlocked friends is even a teacher in public school.

A useful site is this one.

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im tryna grow dreads in i have a mini fro and idk when i can twist it

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@speakdatruth44 – Once your hair is at least 3 inches long you can start making dreads by backcombing. This will tell you how (you will need some time and a friend to do it).

If you have nappy African hair, then you can start dreads once your hair is ½ inch thick by using the twisting method from that same link:

“Instructions: Hair should be sectioned into squares. Square sections make round dreads. Between 1” and 2” squares works well for most people. Smaller sections make thinner dreads. As you section the hair you can secure each section with a rubber band. When the whole head is sectioned twist each section clockwise using a comb to snag the hair at the ends and twist. As each section is twisted dread wax should be worked in to hold the twists. Thick waxes without petroleum hold the hair much better when starting the dreads. After the dreads mature thinner waxes can be used to add fragrance and sheen. Rubber bands can also be used at the roots and tips to hold the hair for the first couple of weeks. Be sure not to attach the rubber bands too tightly, nice and snug will do the job just as well and should not break any hairs. Hair should be twisted by hand regularly to help it lock up.

Dreads can also be started in short black hair without sectioning by hand. The hair can actually section itself. To do this you need short curly African textured hair about ½” thick. Take a soft bristled brush and rub it gently in clockwise circles on the surface of the hair. As you rub the hair will magically form little nubs or balls of hair. These little nubs can be twisted by hand into dreads. Twisting and working in a little bit of thick dread wax will help them hold together and mature much faster. The nice thing about these sections is that they are chosen naturally by the hair and for this reason they dread nicely by themselves as they continue to grow.”

I have seen a few folks with this done. It looks nice and neat if done carefully, and then grows out and continues to form dreads naturally.

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@AstroChuck im a rastafarian and you do not get dreads from not washing your hair actually we have cleaner hair than most normal people because we have to wash with no residue shampoo which means the normal shampoo that you use like vo5 leaves stuff behind in your hair yeah some people have dirty dreads but thats their decision like Bob Marley uses a baking soda wash which is amazing for hair dreaded or not. sorry if this post is from long ago i just wanted to inform you

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Since when do Rastas not wash their hair? From what I’ve seen, those with locs, both Rasta and otherwise, care for their hair more faithfully than those with free hair. If you’re going for freeform locs, I’d think the best way to go about it would be to wash and separate your hair frequently, if it’s thick and kinky enough.

Blessed Be

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what shampoos are residue free?

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