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ITunes users, how many songs do you have on your computer and how do you back them up?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) July 12th, 2009

Not your iPod, your computer. DO you back it up? Did you buy another drive to do so?

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Around 14 GB’s not sure I think thats like 3500–4000 songs.

I do not have all the art-work, thats a project I will embark on one of these days.

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About 4,900. All with lyrics, artwork, and correct tags. Because I’m an organization nazi. Growing as we speak.

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I have ~800GB from ripping all of my CDs over the years. I’m sure that’s well over 20,000 songs.

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7150, which take up about 32 gigs. Several of the “songs” are full albums in a single tracklisting, like “Abbey Road Full album”.

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30gb ~6800 songs. I have a lot more i’d LIKE to have, but i can’t find some of my old CDs. :(

if anyone has Source Material from Astralwerks c. 1998, PM me! :)

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@dverhey I have my stuff organized like that too!!
I have like 1000 songs now

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To back them up, which I wouldn’t recomend to do often because it takes hours!!!

You plug in your iPod to your computer.

Right click your iPod and select back-up

Wait till it’s all done and thats pretty much it

I didn’t have to buy a new driver

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@Tink1113 , so you can download songs on your iPod to a computer? Any computer?

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Any computer that has iTunes insalled on it

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We have a lot more songs in iTunes that will EVER fit on my iPod. Some songs I’ll never listen to again I’m sure but I don’t want to delete them since I payed.

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You dont have to delete them, just ummark them and those won’t go in your iPod the next time you sync.

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THAT I know. But they’re filling up my hard drive. THAT’S the problem.

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Uhm you can transfer them into cd’s

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I have over 7 days worth of songs. It would take forever. Actually, I have them backed up on an external drive. But even THAT’s filling up.

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Would it be too much to copy them in another external drive?

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I currently have 5311 songs in my iTunes. Several of the tracks are full mixed albums as one track though. The whole library is kept on my external HD and on my iPod so if anything happens to either I’ve got a back up. In fact the 6 songs I imported today from CD are not yet on my iPod. The CD is by Remedy and is called Strange Fast Now.

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@Tink1113, that’s one possibility, certainly.

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@SirBailey =] I feel smart now

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I back mine up on an external hard drive plugged into my Airport Extreme, just like all my other files. With Time Machine it’s very easy. Just buy another, larger hard drive. They are very cheap these days.

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ITunes let’s you back up by burning to CD or DVD. DVD. Is your cheapest option. I think about 2,000 songs will fit on 6–7 DVDs. Search “backup” in the help menu.

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Oh, i have two external drives.

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I have most of them copied onto a 500 gb external drive.

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On my laptop, I have 37973 songs, which is 184.16 gigs. I have about 75 gigs of that backed up on my iPod, and all of it on my 500 gig external hard drive. A hard drive would be the best way to do it.

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I have around 200gb (music and TV shows, podcasts etc) and I keep it all on network attached hard drive. I also have it backed up on to another 2 different external drives which I keep separately (I once had 2 external drives fail on me with in the space of a 48 hours which was very, very depressing so I added an extra HD to make me feel better).

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3500 and growing. The easiest way to back it up is to just get a external hard drive or a high gig flash drive. You’re music will be well protected.

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I use Time Machine to backup my 59.69GB iTunes Library. Goes straight to my 500GB Western Digital Studio Edition drive via FW800 to FW800

works like a charm

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i actually received an external hard drive for my birthday, which was really convenient, because my computer ended up crashing. i have 24.26GB of music on my computer right now.

however, my computer did crash once before i had the external hard drive, which was a bitch to deal with, but i found a guide on how to transfer music from the ipod to the computer, which is helpful if you already have all of your music on your ipod

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