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Why is the American flag patch backwards on American soldiers' uniforms?

Asked by andrew (16456points) December 9th, 2006
There was a photo on the cover of the LA times of a US soldier in Afghanistan, on his soldier, above his rank, was a patch of the American flag. It was mirrored, though: the "stars" were on the right side, not the left. I know the photo itself wasn't flipped because I could read "Mountain" just below the reversed flag.
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I believe they have this flag on both sides, and it always "flows" from front to back.
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Ah... so it's as if you have a tiny flagpole on your bicep and the flag is fluttering as you move forward. Brilliant!

well think of a flag on a pole its not always the stars on the left it depends on the wind so its impossible to think that the flag can be backward unless the holes on the flag are on the opposite side from the stars then i would consider that backward

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The reason the flag is mirrored is to signify the soldiers going into battle. Since we are in a war, we wear the flag backwards now until we are back in peacetime. I know this because I am a soldier.

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we wear the flag that way because we are always charging, we never retreat. the flag flies as if we were running at the enemy.

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