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How does Apple ship when items from the online store have different shipping times?

Asked by RafBM (100points) July 12th, 2009

I plan to buy a new MacBook Pro, an Airport Extreme Base Station and an Iomega MiniMax external hard drive from the Apple online store. The estimated shipping time of each item is respectively 24 hours,1 or 2 days and 1 to 2 weeks. Will all my items arrive on the same day or will they be shipped separately?

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If you buy them the same day they should arrive at the same day, maybe different times but same day, I think…

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Your order might be shipped from different locations depending on what their stock is like.

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They are shipped separately. Like i ordered my iPod Touch and Macbook Pro together. The touch arrived in two days whereas the macbook took 4 days

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They are probably stored in different physical locations. They will ship separately.

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They might be shipped from different locations and both might not be in stock.

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