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Can I upgrade my PowerBook G4 OS and to catch up to my new MacPro?

Asked by drhellno (40points) July 12th, 2009

I have a 12” Mac PowerBook G4, and recently got a new Mac Pro I

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It depends. You will not be able to upgrade the OS from one machine to another. Assuming you wanted to mirror everything. You weren’t really clear on what you wanted. The G4 is PowerPC and the Mac Pro is Intel. The installer for the most part only loads what you need. So the Mac Pro doesn’t have the code needed to run on the G4.

But, you can run the migration utility to move your apps and files and settings. You will need a Firewire cable to do so.

Look in Applications->Utilities->Migration Assistant. It will walk you through it. It is pretty simple.

And 10.6 will be out soon. It is a good upgrade. And that will not run on a G4 or G5 (PowerPC).

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