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Have you been having strange and random dreams lately? What were they?

Asked by irocktheworld (2119points) July 12th, 2009

I’ve been having some crazy dreams lately and i wonder how i get them..:P

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My disturbing dream

Dreams come from your mind storing information. Some can have meaning, but I think some are sort of pointless, but quite entertaining.

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Lately I haven’t remembered my dreams. My favorite type of dreams, that are not dreams are OBE’s. I have had around six of these and I love them. I think daily life can effect dreams, stress, meeting new people, going to different locations, doing different things…

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I have crazy dreams quite often, sometimes they have meant something, but I’d be seriously worried if some of the others had meant anything haha.
Last night I was in a jungle and there were a group of monkey like things and my friend and I had to complete quests for them before it got dark and my mum came to pick me up. There were glow sticks involved for some reason. I think either before or after that there was something about gangs and a motorbike and someone being shot and running away and then two people I knew crashed a mini cooper and when I went over to see if they were alright the car became as small as a toy car so I could pick up and take it to the hospital. My phone wasn’t working to call an ambulance so I had to flag down a stranger to help me.

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Alright, here’s one I had on the morning of 7/11/09. I was in a heavily-forested area. There was a chain link fence and ivy everywhere. There was some kind of electrical box on the fence and I looked at it slowly until I saw a keyhole. I had a key and I put the key in it and turned it. A voice came out of the box. I cannot remember what it was saying, but it was some kind of informational thing. I climbed over the chain link fence and was in a really dark forested area. I could tell the sun was out though. I saw another electrical box in the ground and saw a keyhole in it. I figured that if I put my key in it, it would start talking too. My black cat Monkey who died in 2007 was in that wooded area. He was very much alive, but I couldn’t get close to him. He kept moving away from me. Next thing I knew, I was in my grandmother’s house, a house which has been sold now. My friend Rory was there and he kept blowing his nose over and over again. He walked over to the garbage can and I felt like I was really far away from viewing all this. Then it just ended.

Don’t even ask me to begin analyzing that. This dream was fairly normal as far as my dreams go. The thing I like about my weird dreams is that they’re always so simple, yet so bizarre. I’ve never had dreams about big epic things, just small little twisted versions of “everyday” things.

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dude, I’ve been having the weirdest dreams recently as well, I can’t remember exactly what they were but I’ll come back tomorrow and talk about the one I will have this night

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@shrubbery lol cool :P
@DominicX lol! You made me laugh 4 some reason :P
@applesaucemanny okay! :)

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A looooot of oral sex

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My dreams are always strange and usually random. Like being chased by the military because I know how to fly, and the world being invaded by aliens that come in ships that look like they are decorated in Christmas lights. There are alot and I could go on and on…

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Come to think of it, I have had some weird dreams lately but for the life of me, I can’t think of what might be causing them. They’ve been a combination of farm animals, glow sticks, shredded cheese, masking tape, handcuffs, and a fire extinguisher.

As near as I can figure, I’m either a goat roper on acid with a gnarly case of the munchies or I’m fantasizing about being a fireman who has a bondage fetish with psychedelic undertones.

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@Bluefreedom farm animals, glow sticks, shredded cheese, masking tape, handcuffs and a fire extinguisher? Why are you dreaming about my 1999 summer vacation to Kentucky?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra. You and me have got to get together and have a beer. Seriously. I want the whole story on the Kentucky escapade! I think I was part of it!

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Strangest dream ever was like last week, I dreamed I married some rockstar; didn’t even know the dudes name…

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two nights ago a dreamt that I was being molested in a car by an older man..I couldn’t tell him to stop, or make it known to anyone else to help me make him stop…(for some reason I don’t know?) was awful…and then later found out that my stretch marks had torn where he had been touching me on my legs…as I said… really awful!!

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Most of my dreams seem to be random and slightly disturbing, however, I suffer from sleep deprivation, and I’ve been told that irregular and unhealthy sleep patterns can conjure up some weird dreams.

I don’t know if dreams have meaning, I personally doubt it, but I’m often questioning myself on that, since I often have reoccurring themes for my dreams.

One major theme is that I often dream that I’m murdering people. Despite that though, last night I had a dream about…toads. They were big, and brown and yellow and fulla warts, and I remember not wanting to touch them whatsoever, and proceeded to go and clean my hands furiously, even if I didn’t touch any of the toads.
Eventually, the dream progressed into me winning tickets to go see a Guns n’ Roses concert.


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Last week I remember I went to sleep angry and I had a dream about the Jonas Brothers! Gross!!!

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OK, so in the dream I am holding a photo with five men, posed, smiling, in ski gear with various casts and slings and bandages. What is weird is what I know about the photo. I know that they are part of a film crew, four of them actors and one is the ski instructor they hired for the movie. In the film the actors all need to have injuries and the director decided it would be best if the instructor took them down a huge mountain so they would actually get injured. Mind you, they did not film this, it was just the best way to decide what injuries each should have for the movie.

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I keep having dreams about trains and aeroplanes…they have gotten more frequent recently and I beleive they are telling me something and that I am close to finding the message… I used to never be able to get on the train or plane but the other night I dreamt that I was driving a train…I then got stuck in station and couldn’t move on…. hmmmm

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