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Who do some people get treated different?

Asked by justus2 (851points) July 12th, 2009

I find something messed up, I have a friend who has been accused of the same thing as Michael Jackson was, consensual sex with a child under 13, but because Michael Jackson was a famous talented icon society doesn’t say really anything about him and what he was accused of, but anyone who knows what my friend was accused of would say nothing but nasty things about him, I also knew this guy that was in his 40’s who had sex with a 12yr old and she did consent so her mom didn’t press charges and he is now in counseling and all people say is he is a child molester and how sick he is, but it seems because Michael was a famous icon and very talented he is treated different than regular people who aren’t famous or have the same talent. Why is he treated so different and does anyone else find this hypocritical and messed up like I do?

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I didn’t treat Michael Jackson any different; I think he is gross and sick.

btw Can everyone seriously stop talking about michael jackson it’s annoying as is seeing him on the news every fckn day….

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I don’t know what you’re talking about. Michael Jackson had his reputation destroyed by his molestation trials, and many people still malign and bash him openly about it. He also shelled out millions of dollars just so the attacks might stop. All of this, and he was found innocent.

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Plenty of people said things. I don’t know if he did it or not, because I was not there. People have their opinions.

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everyone needs a hobby

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Have you missed all of the Michael-Jackson-is-a-pedophile jokes? Society did, in fact, say a great deal about Michael Jackson, and his alleged pedophilia is probably why he spent the last 20 years of his life as a recluse.

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Michael Jackson’s reputation was ruined by the allegations of sexual abuse. We all have our own opinion’s on whether he was guilty or not. I honestly can’t say cause I don’t know. I think his behavior was inappropriate to say the least. He however denied it and was not found guilty. You are speaking about a man in his 40’s who admitted to having sex with a 12 year old. He is without a doubt a pedophile.

And there are reasons for statutory rape laws. You say that the 12 year old consented? A 12 year old cannot consent to sex..

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Oh don’t be naive. Money makes a huge difference. The more resources you have, the harder it is for the law to pin anything on you. People get treated different because some have more money and power than others. Justice is blind, and can’t see what is going on behind her back. A lot of rich people are getting over on her.

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The 40 year old person you speak of supposedly did have sex with a 12 year old.
That is a criminal act. A 12 year old cannot consent legally to sexual activity. Also, don’t you think it’s profoundly disturbing not to mention disgusting for a 40 year old man to want to have sex with a child?

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People are treated differently for many different reasons yielding different results. As you say, Michael jackson situation was different, so expect a different result as appropriate.

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@jamielynn2328 well you can say a 12 yr old cannot consent to sex, but I guess her mom thought she did and didn’t press charges as long as he got counseling, and that is just a guy that I heard about that lived in the same town as me.
To everyone else,his reputation wasn’t ruined, they spent some crazy amount of money on the funeral, (well deserved because he was popular), but that isn’t the point the news and stuff it never mentions what he did, just what a tragedy his death was and I think it was a shame myself, but my point is that everyone treats him different as a whole because he was so famous and had a lot of money, where as people like my friend and the other guy are looked at as nothing but a child molester because they aren’t famous and don’t have a lot of money reguardless of what kind of a person they are in every other aspect in society’s eyes.

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Any child 12 years old having sex with a 40 yr old is being manipulated. It is not concentual. It’s fucking rape, and you should acknowledge that.

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That mom should be arrested.

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Well I personally disagree with both the last responses, I have a very strong belief that unless it is physical force or one person begging or guilt trips then it isn’t rape, and I have known girls that age before personally who like to have sex themselves, one of them used to be one of my best friends and at 12 and from there on was having sex like every weekend, and im sure there are others like her who are attracted to older men, no one here including myself knows how it happened for sure, so no I don’t believe that mom should be arrested, she is probably going by what her daughter said and wants and her daughter probably has a conscience and doesn’t want him to go to prison for a long time. I know at that age I had the mindset to not ever put anyone in prison except for rape as I defined earlier or murder…..

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You mean to tell me that when you were 12 years old you knew what was best for you and believe you were mature enough to be making these decisions? 12 years old isnt old enough to even have sex IMO let alone with someone probably older than the damn girls father was.

Also that 40 year old has a serious problem and definitely deserves a bit more than counseling.

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There are 2 Michael Jacksons in people’s minds, especially people who were teenagers in the 70s and 80s. No matter where you lived, in the US, North Korea, Iran, Russia, Michael Jackson is as much a part of the USA brand as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.

Then there’s the man he became after he stopped being in people’s lives every single day, so a lot of people have a problem reconciling both images. I personally didn’t like him much, but I felt the same as if Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Madonna, Michael J. Fox, Steven Spielberg and other icons passed away. I grabbed old episodes of shows I liked in the 80s and early 90s, cult movies of that era that I hadn’t watched in years and I reflected back on that part of my life for a week-end. I guess it’s a generational thing.

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@justus2 ; you will feel differently when you have a daughter.

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Money talks, bullshit walks.

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Fucking ewww. . .I mean. . .just. . .fucking ewww.

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@judi who are you to tell me what my opinions will be later on in my life? I have been told that by everyone I know since I was a small child (5) and up, and guess what my opinions on this stuff still hasn’t changed, all I did was come up with more things in my mind to back them up. You can say that all you want, but the only thing I want to do with my own children is be as liberal as I can be, my belief is that as long as you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else intentionally then there is nothing wrong with it.
@Blondesjon what is ewwww?

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I could be wrong, but you sound very much like I did before I had kids. Something about being responsible for another life changed my attitude about a lot of things. I hope I am flexable enough to continue to grow, learn and change, even as I enter my senior years.
You my not come to the same conclusions I did, but I hope you are open enough to life to change how you think when the old way no longerakes since. That, in my mind is a liberal attitude.

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Darn iPhone. I hope you understood that that last line should say “no longer makes sense.”

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@Judi I know a lot of people say that to me, all I know is that I know how I felt as a child and how i don’t want mine to feel. Yes my mind will change if what makes sense now no longer makes sense to me but most of it makes so much sense to me now that I don’t forsee any possibility of it changing.

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Ok, there’s alot of questions to be answered here. And this post is about as fun as our recent religious questions.
1.) Some people get treated differently….nevermind.
2.) This 40 year old man is disgusting. This kid hasn’t matured body or mind, I don’t care what you say. I was cool shit at 12 but not that cool. Come on. There’s no way that should be accepted. It’s not the face that she is a ‘minor’ or the fact that he could be her grandfather. It’s the fact that she is a child and he is attracted to that and manipulated her into having sex when her biggest decision of the day should be whether to play with Barbies or My Little Ponies. Too much for a child.
3.) Micheal Jackson had money. He could do anything he wanted. And Hollywood is surreal to a lot of people. If it’s not happening in front of their eyes, then it’s not happening at all.

Life isn’t fair. That’s why Micheal Jackson got away with a lot. That’s why I’m still hearing about this Micheal Jackson crap. That’s why this old man isn’t put away. That’s why your feelings are hurt because you obviously have been judged yourself.

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@Clair ok, that goes just for the guy who lived in my town. My friend was 17 though, so there was no manipulation, and I don’t agree with you that the guy had to have manipulated her either. The 40 yr old, because believe it or not there are 12yr olds who have already had sex with other teens and may have decided it without any manipulation

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@justus2 I completely believe that, there are 12 year olds having sex right now willingly. There aren’t many 12 year olds that think for themselves, the majority of them are influenced by friends, family, or media to do everything they do. Having sex with other young teens (as stupid as a decision that is) is slightly more acceptable because they’re most likely just as ignorant. (Although I am not condoning sex among 12 year olds. please.) Having sex with a 40 year old…get fucking real, I don’t have anything more to say about this. It’s completely absurd.
I’ll put it this way: If my twelve year old ever has sex with a 40 year old man, I pity his future. And I will not feel bad about it.

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@Clair and I realize that is the standard viewppoint, maybe parents and other adult figures should start letting children think more for themselves then as far as that goes.

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@justus2 ; Just so you know, It didn’t really hit me until I was in my 40’s that although I was willing, the 20–30+ year old men I “dated” when I was in my mid teens, although consensual, really messed with my head and even though I “consented” and even pursued them in some cases, they were really just pedophiles taking advantage of an immature, girl who was just desperate for love. Some things you just don’t understand until you get far enough away to get perspective. For me it was 30 years away, and I am just now beginning to forgive myself, and realize that although I made poor choices, I was a victim as well.

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@Judi ahh i see. i don’t see that as a matter of forgiving yourself, so you made what you call bad choices, don’t we all? As far as thm taking advantage, guys of all ages do that, my ex boyfriend was 24 and that is what he was was manipulative of a weaker source, but my fiance (45) isn’t like that at all, so therefore I don’t think it is wrong or anything, I don’t really think age matters.

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Of course I didn’t think they were bad choices at the time. I scanned but can’t seem to find where you said how old you are?

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@Judi yes I am 19 and my fiance is 45 and I have been set to my views as long as I can remember

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