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Will using an Airport Express as a repeater drive up my ping?

Asked by andrew (16358points) January 5th, 2008

I have an AE and I’m primarily interested in using it just for music streaming and print serving (since I already have a router)... but wouldn’t that destroy my ping time when I unwind with my Xbox360 and beat up on all the 12-year-olds? Would there be a way to select which router I want to use, or is it a proximity thing?

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I’m pretty sure your ping time mostly has to do with your internet connection. E.g., pinging my backup server in Utah over a vpn connection gets me 52.367ms replies, but pinging the router on my network (via a wired connection) gets me 0.340ms replies. “Normalizing” that to get rid of my network gets those ping times down gets me about 52ms of round trip internet lag (including encryption times).

From this computer, which is wirelessly connected, I get a 2.5ms ping time to my router. This would seem to suggest that if you’re trying to game via wifi, you’re already 2.5ms in the hole, if you want that time back run a wire across your house =)

So, really… I wouldn’t worry about it.

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I agree with bpeoples, if you don’t want your butt handed to you by 12 year olds run a cable.

I personally do not have issues with my ping times using my wireless connection to the X-box, but then again i am not using AE.

If you can, double check your router’s wireless port setting to make sure they match your wireless receiver. Duplex and speed mismatches can seriously affect ping time.

Good luck

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I agree with bpeoples as well. One thing to add is I’m not sure how the AE is actually repeating. If it is similar to WDS, then there shouldn’t be that large a ping loss but a real loss in bandwidth (half, as a rule of thumb).

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