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Is this too sexy for a teen (Halloween)?

Asked by ItsxJess (36points) July 12th, 2009

Do you think this is too sexy of a Halloween costume for a teenager?

What age do YOU think this is appropriate for?

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That’s an adult costume because it appeals to sexuality. It is inappropriate for a child.

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18 No
13 Yes.

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Way too sexual for school age. It’s screams “sexual intent”
18 and up would be ok

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that is for women 17–30 who like attention

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Yes, it is wwaaayyy too sexy for a teen.

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over my dead body in my house.

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Strictly eighteen and up, in my opinion.

And if it was my 18+ daughter, I would ask her, “Are you trying to get laid?” – because she should be really clear on the message this sends.

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I would discourage it even for a teenager 18 or over who is fully aware of how it will be perceived. I wouldn’t even care to see my son’s date in that outfit.

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do you really want to show yourself to others in such a light?

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I wouldn’t let my 18 year old daughter wear it! nor my 14 year old son! Way too smexy!

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Too sexy for a teen, yes.

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When did Halloween become an excuse to dress like a slut?

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It screams, “I am a sex toy.”

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Not only is it not appropriate for a teen it is not appropriate for Halloween. Like really? Who would wear this for Halloween? You would most likely have to be very conceded and have no self-respect for your own body.

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It screams “I’m a slut.”

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It screams “Get a few drinks in me and I’ll consider anal”

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@madcapper You had to go there.

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If this is for your daughter, and she is under 17, it is absolutely not appropriate.
If this is for your son, any age, just say NO.

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If your daughter lives under your roof and expects to wear this out, then you can expect her to come back with either an STD or a new grand child. I guess it all depends on what you want out of life.

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actually i think the woman in the pic is too old for that costume.
15/16 to 20 would be fitting.
and if a guy wants to wear it, fine, given he looks girly enough.

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“you will get an STD, and you will die! Now come get a rubber.”

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Oh, Ivan, I really enjoy your responses. (This isn’t sarcastic). I love the way you challenge the “norm” and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Personally, if I were a teenage girl, I would only be worried that it would attract unwanted attention. It wouldn’t automatically make me more permissive of sex. And if I were a guy (which I happen to be) I would wear it under certain circumstances. I don’t care who doesn’t like it. I do what I want. My sexy-ass male friend (who’s my age) wore a tight female sailor suit costume to a party and I could not get my eyes off of him.

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God, I hate the “sex will kill you” speech even though it’s completely true.

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Personally I don’t think it screams “I’m a slut”. Just because it’s revealing and sexy doesn’t mean that it’s slutty. I happen to think it’s cute. Would I wear it to a Halloween party? Maybe. Am I a slut? No.

I do agree that younger girls wearing this might be looked at as slutty, and don’t think they should. I suppose it all depends on age.

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I think this would be better qualified as “cute”. The bunny costume is sexy.

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no that is just old.

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this much more to my liking

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@ragingloli I agree. for a ten year old

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Nononoo. THIS is sexy.

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It’s a lot better than this

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I’d probably make sure my daughter knew she might get unwanted attention if she wore it, and require her to wear tights (opaque ones unless she were over 18) under it. But I’d likely let her wear it. (If she were under 15 I might also require a cardigan or something else we could agree on for the top half of her body, too.) It’s just asking for trouble if you totally disallow something like that, in my opinion.

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Unless you mean by teenager 18 or 19, then yes.

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I would be uncomfortable puttitng my hypothetical daughter in a position to be called a slutt/whore, to be viewed thatt way, and to be taken advantage of.

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@DominicX – Oh man, I love this post. eh quotes 4chan and doesn’t afraid of anything.

This costume is obviously sexually alluring. If I had a teenage daughter (or sister, for that matter), I wouldn’t want her wearing it. It kinda depends on her attitude toward the costume – if she’s wearing it to be sexy, then no, I don’t think that’s appropriate. But if she’s wearing it to make fun of the idea of a “sex bunny”, I might be swayed into letting her wear it.

Also, if she did insist on wearing it out for Halloween, I’d pack some pepper spray her purse.

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I don’t think it’s too revealing, but I’d never wear it in my life!! It might better be age appropriate for like 17 and up.

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Hmm, what if the teen is a guy, does that make a difference?

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I don’t thinks so

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@chyna of course I did haha

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@jonsblond I like to imagine Judy Garland being a skank too haha

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It depends on the teen. My wife was a teen (nineteen) when I married her and on occasions she would wear far sexier outfits than that. It looks like a 1960’s Bunny outfit and most Bunnie’s are teens. For a dress up costume I can’t see what all the fuss is about – it isn’t being suggested as day to day street wear.

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Lol that screams “jailbait”

also “whore”

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I think it’s inappropriate for anyone under 17. It’s made to look like a Playboy Bunny and we all know that you have to be 18 and older to model in that magazine.

I don’t think wearing the outfit makes someone a slut, but it definitely makes them look like a slut.

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I see no reason why a girl wouldn’t wear that. Kids want to dress up as princesses and grownups.

What kind of perverts are those on this thread that say that a fifteen year old wearing this is “screaming I’m a slut” or just inviting sexual harassment? You guys are sick and are reasoning along the lines of making women wear a niqaab.
Wow… you guys are truly narrow minded and I leave nauseated.

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DD beat me to it.

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@whitenoise The outfit is designed to be sexual. You’ve heard of the magazine Playboy, right? The magazine full of naked women? That’s why that costume is highly inappropriate for a young teen to wear.

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@DominicX Sheesh.. What happens in San Francisco, gayest city on the planet…

(I have so got to visit that place one day)

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Don’t you get that it’s a parody, when a young child wears this? What is the difference with a child dressing up as a house wive or as a carpenter, or a moose?

Children play. Much of their play is aimed at gender identification. They play lots of games with sexual contexts. It is not harmful in itself to dress up like that. A parents reaction can be harmful if it is along the lines as above, but dressing up like that is – in itself – not harming anyone.

You should wonder wether it is wise to have video clips that show tough kids – often of ethnicity – as a role model who are mistreating the opposite gender as merely sexual objects, but that’s a different topic.

If you are saying that it is to protect your childs reputation, then are you saying that when a 23 year old dresses up for a party and leaves the house, that she is signaling to her environment that she is a slut and wants to be raped? I feel that you have to do something to fix your society and hurry up at it, if what your saying is true and a child needs to not wear this as a form of protecting her.

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“Don’t you get that it’s a parody, when a young child wears this? ” Wrong. Its not a parody, its fucking gross.

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Well, I think it is pretty gross to refer to a teen as a whore, a slut or “asking for harassment”, merely based on what she is wearing. In ,ine with what @darkscribe wrote – it is for a costume party! You dress up in a different way for such a party! It is not for day-today-life!

And even if it were…. I would still beat any guy silly that would refer to my daughter as a whore, based on what she wears. Or regardless of what she wears, I figure. I definitely teach my boys not to be so judgmental.

If I had girls, I would like to steer them away from where y’all are living

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Not saying shes a whore, just dresses the part.

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Somehow we seem to have gone from a teen to a young child. A child should not be attending Halloween parties – not if she has responsible parents. She should be “Trick or Treating”. I looked at the linked image and figured that if a girl could keep that from falling off, she was far from a child.

Different attitudes nowadays – some here seem to regard nineteen as still “juvenile”. When I was nineteen I was in combat – guess I don’t regard late teens as remotely child-like.

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Isn’t Halloween like 3 months from now anyways?

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mmmm. 17.

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@whitenoise You see, the problem with that is that you’re effectively allowing the teen to wear anything they want. How would you feel if you found a teen wearing this or this to a Halloween party your son/daughter’s hosting? Hardly in any good taste.

And even if those two examples don’t work in the discussion, it’s what society thinks when they see a costume. If you wear a costume willingly, it shows that you aren’t afraid to show it. And what that bunny suit says to most people is “sexy slut”. I would definitely not allow my teenagers to wear anything which might bring them undesirable attention. Once they’re adults, I can’t force my will upon them anymore, but I’ll do my utmost best to ensure that while under my care they don’t go outdoors looking like they’re blatantly advertising themselves.

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I wasn’t so much reacting to the dress being OK or not when I responded before. Whether this is OK or not, in my mind has to be seen in the context of where the kid is going to, the atmosphere at the party and the overall behavior of the child/teen. The dress in itself is not a problem, the combination maybe could.

As mentioned before, if a teen would be 19, our countries are sending them off to war, so this dress seems not to be too much of an issue then. If the child is thirteen, then the party should be relatively innocent as well. (The examples you enclosed may be expected to hurt/offend others and other people may rightfully take offence, that is rather different from the original post in this question.)

That doesn’t take away from my opinion that those on this thread judging a teenage girl on the dress she is wearing with terminology as above is revolting in my mind. I will howveer stop saying that, I make me think of my grandfather.

I guess it must be a cultural thing: through TV, American kids are exposed to about four acts of person-to-person violence per hour during prime time of which over 50% end in death. (Dying to Entertain by PTC this kind of clothing provokes indignant damnification if worn by a teen to a party.

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I would NEVER let any of my 416 teenage daughters wear that costume!!! I do kind of resent that people want to wear a bunny costume! That DOES scream ‘come and get me!’ I try hard to play that down…

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Total slut-wear at any age. It wouldn’t be on my daughter, that’s for sure.

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Definitely not appropriate for a child, a child being anyone under 18.

I wore a Playboy bunny costume for Halloween once. I think I was 18. My mother saw it, and helped me fix it so I’d have no accidents. She was never one to tell me to hide skin, because she always told me “if you have it, flaunt it” but not in a slutty way. Halloween is an excuse to look slutty…not be slutty lol.

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@whitenoise – You may believe that it should be ok to wear that without people thinking those thoughts. But a lot of people dress up and think others dress up so as to shed their inhibitions. It is more common than not.

I feel for what your daughters might go through as the product of your beliefs.

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That outfit isn’t even very revealing, so the consensus that it’s slutty is absurd. Have you people seen halloween costumes?? Tons are actually slutty and that isn’t one of them.

Anyone over 18 would be fine in that costume. It is rather sad to see such responses labeling someone as a slut just for wearing a sexy outfit. Have we not moved past that label yet? This reminds me of the idea that someone deserved to be raped just because of the outfit they were wearing.

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it also reminds me of the time when bikinis were first intoduced. oh the outrage.

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@jeanna is right, it is pretty tame as far as Halloween goes. My statement was about all costumes in general.

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Thanks @jeanna, for a while, I truly thought that I was the only one out there feeling that way.

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I’ll buy it and wear it. Does that make me a slut?

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No, I wouldn’t think so. Why are people making this a big deal it’s just a freaken dress!!! I’ve seen even more inappropriate clothes than that!

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I think it’s a stupid costume for anyone. Would I want my daughter to wear it? no, because it plays into women being men’s playings and proud of it, in this society. Can I keep her from wearing it after she turns 18? I wouldn’t, it’s her choice. I’ve worn costumes worse than that when I was a teenager and I was not a slut – whatever that means, anyway. I hate the term, it’s ridiculous, it makes no sense, it only shows what each person thinks is a slut. We’re all sluts by someone else’s standards. And when I see scathing ‘slut’ remarks, I don’t think much of the people uttering them – reminds me of the simple village folk gathering around to stone someone for no good reason.

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You should see some of the crazy crap worn at costume parties I’ve been to. Maybe part of the difference is that we’re not really out in public, but we’re all friends and together in somebody’s house. But, I mean, a lot of my friends work and could have bought a costume like that with their own money and their parents never would’ve known about it.

I went to a costume party where the theme was the letter S. In that case, there were people, including guys, purposefully dressing up like sluts. You should see the pictures that came out of that. But in the end, no one was raped at that party.

Look! There’s my friend in her playboy bunny suit (which is way worse than the one in this question):

Oh noes!

DominicX's avatar

The people in the picture ranged from age 17–18. The girl in the bunny suit was 17. I had recently turned 17 when I took that picture.

The point is, it depends on what you’re doing with it. It might not be a good idea to walk around streets with that costume on, but going to a party composed almost entirely of your friends shouldn’t bring anything bad of it.

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Your friend is OK with her picture for ever on the net? I figure you checked, right?

DominicX's avatar

I got the photo from Facebook. All 700+ of her Facebook friends can see it.

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As I tried to state above, women who wear that costume are not sluts, but it does look slutty – mostly because it’s designed after a costume that comes from a magazine that sells sex. That’s the entire reason, in my mind, why it’s inappropriate for young teens to wear.

I am not of the mindset that states a woman who wears something like this is a slut, but most people in American society will treat a woman who wears something like that as a sexual object. Stupid? Possibly. But there’s still no way in hell my teen daughter would wear something like that.

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@whitenoise – Now imagine your daughter in the bunny costume and someone takes a picture and posts it without her even knowing.

I am not saying the costume makes your daughter one thing or another, I am saying that is how many will think she wants to be viewed.

whitenoise's avatar

I would have my hope set on educating her to realize the consequences of these kinds of poses. Again, my issue wasn’t so much with the dress… I feel you guys overreact. I was just appalled from the reactions on this thread of people willing to label a teen wearing a dress like that.

The picture in itself isn’t that shocking in my mind, although I am just reluctant in sharing any such pictures through the net. They fall in the same category as being in bathing suit or kissing your (soon ex-) boyfriend.

Sadly I do not have a daughter. Actually, my wife and I were sure it would be a little bay girl, blue eyes, big curls. Surprise… turned out two be two identically looking boys. From what I understand from you, that may be for the better. ;-)

Bri_L's avatar

@whitenoise – Congrats! I am 50% of identical boys! My best wishes mate.

My only point is that it is not so much that I think the out fit carries a stigma that, when worn will, in my opinion, be transferred to the wearer. I would hate for the person wearing it to be put in a situation the are not ready for as a result.

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Yes, I think it is inappropriate for a teen. The word “lingerie” in the link is a fairly good indicator of that, IMO.

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What is too sexy, way too sexy, is me wearing a renaissance dress with a carefully-crafted sock bosom underneath a fetching bodice. It was hot, in every sense of the word. Just, you know, to whom it may concern.

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@Bri_L @whitenoise If she has it on the internet already, then obviously she doesn’t care who sees it. I have pictures of me in a bathing suit, and practically half naked showing my tattoo. If I wasn’t comfortable with it being all over the internet there, I wouldn’t have put it there. Not even for friends and family to see.

whitenoise's avatar

@chelseababyy Agree with that, fully. That’s the attitude I would like my daughter to have, just added with the notion that what seems OK now may feel different when you apply for a job five years later. But again, the world doesn’t need to worry about my daughter.

chelseababyy's avatar

@whitenoise True. But I’m constantly thinking about the future. I still wouldn’t care if future employers saw any of those pictures. I have no shame in what I do, and am 100% confident with my decisions. This may be ignorant, but if they have a problem with it, I wouldn’t want to be hired by them anyway. The pictures I have, aren’t offensive at all. I wouldn’t want to be employed by someone who thinks me in a bikini is offensive. But hey, I want to start my own business anyway, so what have I got to lose.

whitenoise's avatar

Good luck, with that, @chelseababyy.

What’s the line o business you’re going to enter? It is not the easiest of times, but if you can make it now…. then you’ll make it anytime. Right? BTW was that your picture that was shown? In that case… yes I didn’t think they were offensive at all. And as long as you’re happy with them and stay that way, hey that’s even better. I’m Dutch, takes a lot more to shock my morales than a picture like that. ;-)

chelseababyy's avatar

@whitenoise Nope. That wasn’t me in the pics. Haha. Well I’m starting college this fall for Communications/Business. But eventually I want to get into Wedding/Event Planning. And thank you :]

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@chelseababyy – I didn’t claim that she did or didn’t care. Thus far I have been speaking in hypotheticals.

I guess until a certain age I would want to help make those decisions with my teen. Because what if you didn’t want those pictures on the internet but someone else did. Once there out there that’s it.

chelseababyy's avatar

@Bri_L Then I guess you either shouldn’t take the photos, or you shouldn’t leave the photos in the hands of people you don’t trust.

Bri_L's avatar

@chelseababyy – You act like there is some guy walking around with a poloroid instimatic or something.

This is the age of cell phone and digital cameras. your asking the impossible. And I am not the one who would be in jeopardy here.

You can’t control the environment or who would take pictures. I would want my daughter to have fun. The best thing I think I could do would be to encourage her to dress in a fashion that wouldn’t imply or lead others to believe that she was a certain type of person.

OR treating her that way because they had to much to drink or they were assholes anyway.

Do I think the costume makes you one? No. I do think it invites that perception.

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I just thought I’d say that no one I know thinks the girl in my picture is a whore; they think she’s a girl at a costume party with the letter “S” as the theme.

chelseababyy's avatar

@Bri_L Okay. Well then.. With all of the people snapping pictures with who knows what, don’t wear something you’d be embarrassed about if a million other people saw it on the internet.

When it comes to me, I’ll wear what I like, who cares what other people think. Will other people assume I’m a slut? Maybe so. But do those other people know me? Probably not. And that’s their loss.

I know that people say they don’t judge others, but it’s bound to happen. And if they are too shallow to get to know me just because of what I’m wearing, then they’re not worth my time.

Bri_L's avatar

@DominicX – And the guys out there jerking off to the picture now posted on a public web site and face book?

@chelseababyy – That is my point. The question was is this to sexy for a teen. I am saying it would be to sexy for my teen for exactly that reason.

No one is calling you a slut. I certainly am not. I am not sure why your so defensive.

chelseababyy's avatar

@Bri_L I just don’t understand what the big deal is. People are just so worried about what other people are going to think, and how other people are going to perceive.

DominicX's avatar


That’s just part of what you get for putting your image on the internet. How do I know people don’t jack off to a photo of me that’s normal, like just my face? There’s a picture of me on the web that shows my entire stomach and chest; I just don’t care what someone in another country or state or whatever thinks of my picture. They can do whatever they want with it.

DominicX's avatar

If I wore a bunny costume, I wouldn’t care if some yo-yo on the east coast thinks I’m a slut. Who gives? My friends and the people who care about me and know me know the truth and I don’t care about anonymous people on the internet and what they think.

chelseababyy's avatar

@DominicX Haha you sound like me..

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@chelseababyy , @DominicX , I think what it is for me is this. I am just so worried about kids that I am over protective.

It isn’t that I am worried about their perception, I wish I could get that across to you Chelseababyy, I am just worried about things leading to more. Stalking. Assault. Rape. That kind of thing.

Mine is the type of mind that always assumes the worst which isn’t good.

chelseababyy's avatar

@Bri_L Worrying about Stalking, Assault and Rape, what? All starting with pictures on the internet?

DominicX's avatar


There’s nothing wrong with being worried, but you have to think logically. Only certain people can see your Facebook profile. Random people cannot see your information such as cell phone number or address. You can’t exactly pinpoint where a person lives by looking at their picture on the internet (assuming this is non-Facebook). Most instances of internet-related stalking, assault, and rape happen when people begin chatting on the internet, using the webcam, and talking to other people and giving out personal information such as location or even arranging to meet the person. One photo isn’t going to do it.

Bri_L's avatar

@DominicX – What is amazing is I am normally a very very logical person. But when it comes to my kids I lose a bit of it. But in thinking back, I seem to shape up as they get older.

So right now my daughter and son are 4 and 6 respectively. As they get to be teens I am sure I will get beyond what I imagine and start dealing with where you guys are and where I once was 25 years ago, you know?

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GothicLolita Lurve @ragingloli

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If it’s from a linegerie website, i doubt it’s alright.

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