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Why do you wear the clothes that you do?

Asked by DominicX (28777points) July 13th, 2009

What kind of statements about your personality are you trying to make with your casual clothing, if any? What kind of assumptions do people make about you because of the clothing you wear? What kind of clothing do you avoid wearing?

Sorry for another clothing question, but I’m really not talking about bunny costumes. Let’s try and move away from that.

Personally, I like to wear preppy/surfer clothing. I like the way it looks on me, simple as that. I like light colors, flip flops, baseball hats, white shoes, sunglasses on the head, V-neck T-shirts, polo shirts, brands like Quiksilver, Aeropostale, Volcom, Element, etc. I actually do skateboard, though not as much I used to when I was younger. I’m talking about casual clothing, of course. I can’t think of any assumptions people have ever made about me. If they have, they were behind my back. The only thing I avoid is emo/goth clothing, because I don’t find it visually pleasing.

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To keep people, other than my wife, from starring at my awesome bod.

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Also, because my job has a dress code.

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Oh, also because I get really sweaty when I work out.

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@sap82 just an FYI, there is an option to edit your post once you have made it.

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I’m not sure my clothes say anything about me, actually. In the Summer, because of the heat, I wear mostly dresses. (I hate shorts and it’s way too hot to wear pants.) I wear a lot of black and blue, both colors that I believe look good on me. In the Winter, actually, I wear mostly dresses as well. With boots. Boots are way fun. I imagine the stereotype of a woman wearing mostly dresses would indicate that she is “girly”. However, that isn’t me. I hate shopping, so I usually end up buying online or buying the same dresses in every color.

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because when i wear just a banana hammock, the cops get involved.

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I can’t think of many assumptions about me based on my clothing. Maybe that I’m white and live in California and possibly like the beach? It’s very California and it’s very white. I’ve never seen non-white people wear the kind of clothing I wear, mostly. I mean, some of the stuff I wear is pretty generic, like a hoodie with jeans. I wear that all the time during the winter, but so does everyone else. However, I love solid white hoodies or white ones with some designs. White is one of my favorite clothing colors.

And yes, I do put thought into what I’m wearing. I don’t just pick up random clothing. I go to the store and examine things. I like clothing a lot; I try to look as good as I can with what’s available to me.

This picture of me and my brother (I’m on the right) pretty much shows what I normally wear when it’s not cold.

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I am cool, it is my way and my sense of style.
Do not need to explain it to you. But you can hang out with me if you like.
Being the cool dude that I am.

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From the bottom up:

Shoes: Black Etnies.
Pants: Dickies or Ben Davis. I have pretty much every color of both. Thanks Allie.
Shirt: White hanes tee. Or a band shirt or something like this.
Hoodies: Usually gray with no logos.

Why I dress the way I do.. I am not paying to be a billboard.

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I wear what I like. The quality of fabric is important no polyester. The color is important. I don’t wear things that look cheap. No visible labels as @ryanpowell said, I’m not a billboard. Fit is also important. I guess my overall look could be described as “very put-together”

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Because I like to be comfortable. Most of my clothes are picked so that they look good with comfortable shoes which, for me, are a necessity.

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By the way, this question was kind of designed to make fun of some of the comments in the other question about how clothing says a lot about the person. I’m starting to think that it doesn’t really.

Well, actually, I never thought that it did. Which is why I assume as little as possible about people based on their clothing.

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Because they’re cute, comfy, classy and suit me.

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Sounds good to me. I have to admit that I do like the look of clothing labels on me sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I won’t wear that cool clothing I found at Target. I don’t care what the brand is, if it looks like something I would wear, then I’ll wear it.

Can anyone say gay people obsessed with fashion stereotype? Hell yeah. :)

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@DominicX Yea, Target is great.

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My clothes say that I don’t care to stand out from the crowd. I don’t think I’m anyone special. You might infer that I prefer comfort to attention. They also generally say that I’m well enough off to afford clean clothes, and that either I prefer clothes in good condition, or that if I have one, my wife wants them to be in good condition.

Because of that, you can’t tell much about me. It probably says that I’m middle class, although these days, even rich people prefer these kinds of clothes. It doesn’t say that I’m artsy-fartsy, although I am. It doesn’t say I have intellectual aspirations, although I do. Sometimes I wish I had comfortable clothes that said these things, but I can’t be bothered to try to figure out how to do that, nor to spend the money required to do that.

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Good condition is the best condition for clothing.

And this is what I’m talking about. Clothes are just a small fraction of a person. I suppose it might be nice for people to assume that positive things about you through clothing, but then people might assume you’re trying too hard! There’s just a world of idiotic assumptions out there. Unfortunately, it’s essentially inescapable.

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In the summer I like to wear shorts like this with a tank top or t shirt. In the winter I usually wear jeans and a sweatshirt. It’s all about comfort for me.

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So I’m guessing none of you live by the statement: it’s better to look good than to feel good. ?

Don’t worry, I don’t. All of my clothes feel good. By the way, I’m in my boxers right now with nothing else on. This is what I wear in the morning before I take a shower when it’s kind of warm outside.

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I kinda live by that. My clothes are always pretty fitted. 4 inch heels definitely do not feel good. But I do carry flats in my purse

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My mom says that quote every time she sees people in really high heels. It always does not look very comfortable to me!

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They look good though :P

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@DominicX Maybe for you, but for me, the most comfortable clothes tend to be very thin and ragged. Also, it just takes too long to find comfortable clothes that look good. I hate shopping. I’ll do anything to avoid clothes shopping.

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@DominicX It depends on what you mean by “look good”. I look good in what I wear. I may not look “professional” but I still look good. ;)

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Because they’re comfortable and the only ones that come in my size, which is 4pt (4 person tent).

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Because i can’t afford the ones I would really like to wear and because at the moment I am too fat… but not for long…,muhahahaa

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Inexpensive and comfortable.
My casual “wardrobe” consists of jeans, tee shirts, low top Chucks. In the Summer substitute shorts. Lots of grays or gray-ish colors.

I assume it says I put little thought into this.

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Ah man, clothes-shopping is so much fun…pity I don’t do it more often. I love shopping with other girls, too, they always make it even more fun.

Keep in mind that this is a gay teenage boy talking. :P

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I’ve heard the saying that “clothes make the person” but probably not in my case. I’m in the general area of being non-descript when I’m in civilian clothes and when I’m in uniform, I’m camouflaged and you can’t see me anyway so that’s not a consideration. Oftentimes, when not working, a pair of old, faded but seriously comfortable levi’s with a nice looking t-shirt seems to do the trick for me.

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@DominicX You make it pretty hard to forget that you are a gay, teenage boy. I mentioned the shopping thing because I was pretty sure you would love shopping. For some, it’s heaven; for others: hell. If you would like, you can be my personal shopper. You can tell me what to wear, and I’ll wear it, so long as it feels good. Meanwhile, I’m going to go weed my lawn. By hand.

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Oh my!

I’ll do it. ;)

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…and a friendship is born.

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I’m wearing what I’m wearing now because I can’t yet fit most of the other clothes in my wardrobe that I prefer, like my cute little rompers and summer dresses. They’re still too small yet. Also, I’m too cheap to buy more clothes that I’ll just be shrinking out of by August.

Right now I have on a sleeveless cotton t, an old pair of J Crew twill shorts that I can fit again and some comfy old black leather sandals.

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i just wear what i’m attracted to, what i can afford, and what is comfortable. (:

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comfort clothing
tanx, leggings, shorts, sundresses
things I can throw on and don’t need to take a lot of care of and is comfy to wear.

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I wear clothes to keep me warm. Which means I go around naked in the summer.

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Because the cease and desist order is very explicit that I do.

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I love clothes. I wear clothes that do not have any brands splattered across them. I buy clothes from American Eagle and suh but I pick the cute clothes with no writing on them. My wardrobe consists of very wide variety of patterns, colours and styles. I usually look very well put together and punctual. Very odd for an 18 year old girl but I like to look good because it makes me feel more cofident. And since people judge you in a matter of 5 seconds I want it to at least be something decent. You could say I dress very girly as well I love dresses and flats and cute empire waist tops. And silver jewelery is what I wear with everything. Ya, I just love fashion and its many styles.

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I like Carhartt anything.. They’re comfy and blend in with the crowd. Clothes don’t really tell much. And anything they do tell is only superficial. Why do you think the bank robber wore the red baseball cap? It was the only think the victims remembered.

I like going to the local diner for breakfast and watching the farmers sit around and talk while eating. They’re dressed in Carhartts in various states of decay. One guy regularly drives up on his John Deere lawn tractor. They are worth millions and all have 6 figure incomes but never show it. That’s class!

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I like how they look on me and because they are comfortable.

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i like the cloths i wear because it is my style and they are cute and comfortable :)

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I love clothes though don’t indulge much anymore. I find work clothes exciting whereas my default clothes are usually a pair of jeans, boots and a tee shirt.

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I wear the clothes that I do cause I respect my appearance. I don’t like just wearing jeans every day. In the winter, I try to change it up by wearing a lot of miniskirts and dresses with stockings, and my knee high boots are a must. (sad as it is, this year I was very much inspired by the wardrobe used in the earlier seasons of Buffy the vampire slayer…) In the summer I go absolutely insane over sundresses, and I have to resist the urge to pick up every cute one I see. I like to look presentable every day. You will never, ever catch me wearing sweatpants unless it’s gym class or I’m not leaving the house. My cousin thinks I dress like a classy prostitute…that’s just her way of saying I look good.

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I try to wear shirt
Bullhead jeans
and sandals….most of these days If not, I’ll go for my pj’s.

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Comfort is number one. Washability is number two.I do not dry clean. Affordability is number three.

Then there are some minor but vital considerations. That it doesn’t cause my children to pretend they don’t know me even at home is important. A color that doesn’t make me look ill is wise, too, as too many people interrupt my day to ask if I am okay. And while I might need to wear something that resembles a two-person tent, I always prefer that it make me look, if not slender, at least no larger than a one-person pup tent.

I used to think differently about clothing but that was before I had children and before I started working on the Internet.

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I am proud to say I do not own a pair of sweat pants. :)

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At home I literally wear just a pashmina shawl wrapped around myself. It’s the most comfortable outfit when you have kids to take care of. When I go outside, I like to wear comfy clothes or really colorful long skirts with flat shoes, keds, or sneakers. I very rarely wear heels, only when I dance tango. If I am working, I’ll buy a pair of black pants and switch up shirts. I don’t like looking really feminine or really masculine but I play with all the gender expressions. I wear a lot of shirts with statements on them like ‘intelligent design isn’t’ or ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ and people take offense often at what my shirts say or when they see my backpiece tattoo they talk about me…Either way I wear my sunglasses, so I don’t have to look at people…

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@discoinferno That is NOT my way of saying you look good. That is my way of saying you dress like a classy prostitute.

Speaking of classy, I try to present myself as so. Dresses, longer-cut shorts, high-waisted skirts, jeans in good condition (and by that, I mean no destroyed fabrics). You will not find me in those baggy Forever 21 tank tops or Daisy Duke shorts.

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@smack Shut up. Take your classy aka old lady attire elsewhere, I’m perfectly fine in my hot pants.. I mean, shorts… thank you very much.

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@discoinferno omfg you are so mean. i hate you. hehehe

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Typical day:A tight t-shirt or tank top, usually with some design or words. Jeans or cargoes, often black or some odd rainbow colour. Black combat boots or an old pair of Airwalks. Elaborately-designed belt, occasionally more than one. Wristbands, & layered gloves.

I get called a freak a lot. I really don’t care what people think; I just wear what looks good in my opinion.

By the way, this thread started on my birthday last year.

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