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Is it right that a childs school report has a grammatical error?

Asked by sakura (8267points) July 13th, 2009

Emblazoned across the front of my daughters school report is

We are a happy Christian School were everyone cares and everyone tries their best.

Am I right in thinking that the were should be where and should I go into the school to tell them or should I let my 10 year old daughter? Or should I just let it ride and not be so fussy?

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I’d go with the last part.

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You can use it as a good opportunity to show your daughter that anyone can make a mistake, including her school, and that there is great value in proofreading before submitting anything for school or publication.

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Anonymous note might be best.

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I would have to figure they know by now.

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Throughout my children’s school careers, I saw typos, grammatical atrocities, and errors of fact come home nearly every day. I would have exhausted myself trying to be the school’s proofreader, encyclopedia, and pedagogical conscience.

The time to get up in arms is when your child’s teacher gives your child incorrect information, worst of all by marking a correct answer wrong. Otherwise I would say ignore it. If your child looks at the report and comments on the error, agree with her, and don’t let her think wrong is right. But otherwise just let it pass as human error and continue to encourage her to do her own best.

Everyone must be able to learn from flawed teachers. There is no other kind.

Never send a message you cannot sign.

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“Were” for “where” looks more like a typo to me than it does a grammatical error. I would guess that it has been pointed out and corrected by someone else by now. Let it go.

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I would have a problem with it. I would point it out to the school and take a few steps further. Quality tops quantity.

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Typos happen. That’s all it is. People need to lighten up.

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Don’t let it go, demand justice!

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well they “trie(d) their best”.

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I would tell them so they can fix it for the future. They might be idiots.

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I would think about public school. lol

Seriously, the document was probably put together by a volunteer parent or a support person at school who didn’t proof it. This isn’t a mistake that would have been caught by an older version of spell check. Somebody should have picked it up before it was printed. I was about to say that somebody should have been ‘christian’ enough (as in kind enough) to tell the administration. Then I thought maybe they do know but don’t have the money to toss out and reprint.

Just tell the person in charge but don’t make it the subject of general gossip.

John 8:7 “If any one of you is without typos, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”

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And as long as you are making the effort, in spite of the awkwardness of the usage, there is this:...” and everyone tries their best.”

It’s one thing to be sloppy on fluther, but in the logo of a school? One can either write “and everyone tries his or her best.” or better, and “we all care and we all try our best.”

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I amake mayn typos on flhter so I cant complani tot much! It just tickled me and my hubby!! I will probably let it ride unless the school annoy me at some point in the future:) Thanks guysxx

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The reaction is what is important. We Flutherites take criticism of our typos failry well. we want to improve or be made aware of an error. Of course, anyone can make a mistake. When you make them aware of the mistake do they say, “thank you, we should have proofed it better, ” or, “good you pointed that out so we don’t make that mistake next time, ” or “we know, but we did no thave time to fix it, thank you for tell us,” all acceptabe answers. Or, are you met with someone who is annoyed you are pointing it out. It is a SCHOOL, they should have no problem with a mom wanting documents to have proper spelling and grammar.

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go into the school to tell them

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I would chalk this up to a sign that you are paying tuition for something other a superior level of educational quality.

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“Am I right in thinking that the were should be where”

Yes, you are right.

“and should I go into the school to tell them”

Depends – do you think they are smart enough to understand what you are telling them? Are you willing to be known forever more as “you know, the parent who is a stickler…”?

“or should I let my 10 year old daughter?”

Probably not, as long as she can see what the problem is and how it can be fixed, and understands that spellcheck is your friend even though it double-crosses you every now and then.

“Or should I just let it ride and not be so fussy?”

I probably would, unless they were making my kid paint a mural with the spelling incorrectly intact.

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i think it was just a typo. everyone makes mistakes.
if they had a habit of misspelling things, i’d be concerned. but one or two things here and there? not a big deal.

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Typo is forgivable, but a grammatical error in same sentence (emblazoned across top of report card) is not. Like Caesar’s wife, publications from any school should be beyond reproach. If I were running or teaching in a school (which I did for 14 years) I would be embarrassed and insist on correction

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I hope someone would tell me if I made a spelling and grammatical mistake on a form that went out to hundreds of people so I don’t do it again. People who get very upset about being corrected are insecure and I figure not too bright. I hope the people in charge of my kids SCHOOL have somewhat of a brain in their heads. But, like I said before they could be idiots.

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I got a letter from the PTA that had the same mistake on (official letters are correct)

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@gailcalled “everyone… their” is not an error, it’s a solution to the problem of a lack of a common-gender common-number pronoun, and it’s been used by the best writers of English since the 1300s.

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Personally, I’d let them know, regardless of whether it was just a typo or not. By not correcting it we’re contributing to the problem.

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