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In your opinion, is it Ok to have a #2 sports team?

Asked by christine215 (3173points) July 13th, 2009

You’re a huge Phillies fan, but when they’re on or your looking at highlights you cheer on the Yankees…

You bleed Blue with the Giants, but when they have a bye week you watch the Steelers with great interest…

should you have your fan card pulled?

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sure, there are plenty of shit sports teams. it’s only a game.

#2, get it?...anyone?...

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I do this all the time. Having grown up in western New York, I am a Sabres fan. However, now that I live in Ohio, I have become a Blue Jackets fan and a Colorado Avalanche fan. (Colorado’s AHL farm team plays in Cleveland.)

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Sure, why the hell not? I’m a Cubs fan. Cubs, all the way. But it baffled people that I was excited when the White Sox were in the World Series and then went on to win it (Being a Cubs fan, you sort of have to have another team to be excited for). Just because I’m a huge fan of one team doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the sucess of another. Unless its the Cardinals. Boo. ;-)

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I have never understood any sport that determines a winner over all. Honestly, whats the point. It doesn’t prove anything.

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In this town, people feel you’re not a “TRUE” fan if you’re rooting for anyone other than your hometown team(s)

Full disclosure on that matter I am NOT 4 for 4 because I don’t watch basketball…

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Why the loyalty to local sports teams? It is like nationalism with added stupidity.

I live in Portland and hate the Trailblazers. My basketball team of choice is (was) the Kings. I did stop watching basketball a long time ago. I don’t watch anymore so I don’t care that they suck now.

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I never understood someone who wasn’t loyal to their home town team…Just don’t get it? You live there, they’re part of your city… they’re part of who you are (however big or small of a part is up to you)
@ryanpowell, I guess you’re not a HUGE sports fan in general then, huh?

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Nope. Not a sports fan. I used to be into basketball. And I liked Sacramento because they were the most fun to watch. My local team was busy getting high in a hummer.

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Buffalo bills fan all the way. but naturally, it can be quite depressing sometimes (i still cringe when I hear “music city”). My second team is the broncos, I have family living out there so if they’re playing anyone but the bills I root for them. Some people think it’s blasphemy to have your two favorites be in the same conference but I’ve never really had an issue with it really.

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I’m a Bronco fan and I live in central Illinois. The only other team that I pay attention to is the Packers because that is my husband’s team. So I guess you could say that the Packers are my “second” team, but my heart really belongs to the AFC. If the Broncos don’t make it to the Super Bowl, I root for the AFC team.

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In my opinion, it is okay to have a #2 sports team. And a #3, #4, and #5 too. After that, who’s counting? Unless your a statistician that is but what’s more fun, crunching numbers and data or watching the games?

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I have a bunch of mixed sports loyalties. Why not?

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I support three teams from my country in football. Love them and my friends call me a Swiss :p. My no. 1 team is my religion ofcourse. The other 2 teams are local teams of the same league that I truly love. So the answer is yes :)

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Heck yeah. Sports should be fun. When my team isn’t playing I end up rooting for the action. It confuses the heck out of my son.

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There’s nothing technically wrong with being a bandwagon fan.

When my team is out, I still continue to watch because the sport interests me beyond my team’s participation in it. I’m certainly not going to start buying jerseys for other teams or anything.

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Yes but not another pro team. I’m partial to Florida, but even when my Bucs disappointed I still couldn’t support anyone else in the league. So I started to pay attention to college Football and it’s when Tebow started as the Gators QB. Best way to turn 2 otherwise crappy seasons around.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic – I ask this for clarification. Now this is coming from someone who thought it was “Jimmy the cricket” and not “Jiminey Cricket” until he was 20 so I wouldn’t be surprised if this were true.

Isn’t a bandwagon fan someone who only supports the winning teams. Jumps on when they do good. Even claims to have “known it all along” That is kind of different from just choosing a team to root for for love of competition isn’t it?

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@Bri_L yessir. lots and lots of patriot fans are bandwagoners… can’t stand em.

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@Bri_L I perhaps could’ve worded that better.

For clarification, I’m not a bandwagon person. For example I’ve watched the Raiders for years. They’re terrible and I still watch. When their season is over, I still watch, but I don’t adopt a #2 team.

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As a Toronto Maple leafs fan who haven’t won the Stanley Cup in 43 years, it is necessary to have a second team to get our fix at playoff time. I am also a Bills fan, so I need say no more.

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My husband and I are both loyal to our hometown teams. However, because he was military and I grew up in an oil company family, we both have a lot of hometowns. At any given time we might root for the Raiders, the Cowboys or the Bears, or we might cheer on the Hooks, the Astros, the Giants, the White Sox, or even the Cubbies (they need it more than most teams). Sometimes we want to see Spain defeat Germany, but then there are times I really want Venezuela to do well.

And then we also watch what the CC Rayz are doing as well as the Islanders, the Hurricanes, the Gators, the Longhorns, and the Aggies (well, when it is UT versus A&M we have to side with A&M). Plus there are the King Mustangs and the Tom Brown Bears, as well as my daughter’s kickball team.

I suppose we are sports sluts, but at least we always can enjoy whatever game is on.

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@dannyc try going south to buffalo for a while, at least you’re city has shit to do aside from watch your team suck every year lol.

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