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Do you have any tips for cooking ribs?

Asked by Ansible1 (4836points) July 13th, 2009

Also what bbq sauce is best to use?

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what i do is dry rub them (with brown sugar, celery salt, kosher salt, pepper, chile powder, cayanne, garlic powder, onion powder), then slow cook them in the oven for about 3 hrs. (get a toss away foil pan, lay them in rows, put maybe a ½” of water in the bottom, and seal over with foil) at about 300f.

once they’re done, a) your kitchen will smell awesome and b) you can either put them on the grill straight away or, once they cool, wrap them in foil and refrigerate until you’re ready.

when you’re ready to grill them up (i use charcoal), get the coals that smokey hot – not red hot. then put them on for 15min or so. I use Jack Daniels BBQ sauce myself, but you can find one you like or even make your own. Put the sauce on with a BBQ sauce brush, then flip and repeat, for, as i said, about 15min.

at this point, ravage said ribs. they’ll fall apart and off the bone and will not last very long.

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@eponymoushipster : MMM! Yummy!

I would definitely go with a dry rub. Paula Deen puts a half a pound of butter in with hers.

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I season mine with creole seasoning, garlic salt, and crushed basil leaves, then I pour a medium amount of Kraft original BBQ and spread it on them, then wrap in tin foil and bake on 250–300 till you think they are ready! The longer they cook though the tenderer they’ll be.

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The dry rub is really important. Cajun, Basil, Garlic and Vegetable salt are our favorite spices. My favorite store bought bbq sauce is the Jack Daniels brand, Hickory flavor.

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I don’t personally care for ribs or BBQ sauce, but I know several people who do, and this is what I know…

1) The lower the temp, the longer you cook them, the better. Some BBQ shacks will cook them at between 200 and 250 for 12 to 24 hours!

2) My wife has tried numerous sauces and won’t eat anything other than Sweet Baby Ray’s.

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@dalepetrie yeah, i know a lot of people who swear by Sweet Baby Ray’s.

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always cook ribs on in-direct heat on a weber grill if you have it. do not boil ribs first, as some do in urban areas, to achieve that “fall off the bone” result. well-rubbed or marinated or even brined ribs will afford you great taste without BBQ sauce.

BBQ sauce should be reserved for dipping, in my opinion—not slathered on.

oftentimes novice grillers use BBQ sauce to cover the flaws of burnt or charred meat.

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s-l-o-w and l-o-w

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@charliecompany34 Why should we not be boiling our ribs? That is what we do, and coincidentally I am urban.

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I simmer the ribs in water for about 40 minutes before putting them in the oven or on the grill to char and glaze. As for bbq sauce, I prefer the dark molasses and mesquite ones with some Sri Racha sauce mixed in.

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I like a dry rub also, but I generally use a commercially prepared rub from Dizzypig but that is a matter of personal preference. I like the rub with a hint of coffee in it.

Although I have a ceramic oven for low and slow I go back to my old Weber kettle and use lump charcoal with INDIRECT heat.

I do not use “barbecue sauce’ during the cooking. I don’t even like it at the table but I buy a bottle of something for my sons to use, they like to spread it on the meat. I DON’T.

After about two hours I begin to baste with a mixture of apple juice, a little cider vinegar and something sweet like brown sugar or honey or even Karo. I eyeball the proportions but to about 4 oz of juice, it’s one tablespoon of sugar or honey or karo (imprecision is fine here) and a tablespoon of cider vinegar.

I begin to baste every 15 minutes until they are ready, the ends of the bones are exposed and the bones “wobble” in the meat, the attachments are loosening.

Wood chips go in about ten minutes after the ribs go on the fire so that the meat opens up a little and does not scorch the ribs. I have maple, cherry, hickory, apple and peach here in the garage.

If you live in North Carolina drive down and I will share some with you


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I am in bed, but will now have to say was in bed, because you ALL have gotten me soooo dang hungry!! Thanks a lot! My stomach and my hips will thank you in the morning!

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