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Where would you go on a 1st date? How would you prepare yourself?

Asked by irocktheworld (2119points) July 13th, 2009

I’ve been wondering how you would prepare yourself for a 1st date
since i’ve never been to one,and some advice.:)

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I would pick someplace that I am interested in. For you, that would probably be a rock concert, or other music event. Here in my area, the parks provide several music concerts for free, and some of the malls are starting to do that, as well.

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That’s a nice place to go for a date, have you ever been to those concerts?
Where was your 1st date at?

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Have some things on your mind to talk about so as to avoid awkward silence. If you get nervous on the date, it’s easy to forget things to talk about. And brush your teeth and use Listerine.

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A place where there is alot of people so that it wouldn’t be akward for either of you guys

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@irocktheworld When I was growing up, I wasn’t allowed to date outside the church. All my dates and friends were at church related functions. After I turned 18, I met my first husband at a roller skating rink, since I loved skating.

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@YARNLADY Cool! I cannot roller skate and if i tried i would fall flat on my face so i dont think thats a good place for me :-P

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I would probably go out for coffee with the person, and maybe to a movie or event. I enjoy having coffee on the first date though…it’s a nice way to get to know a person because you have time to talk one-on-one. Maybe that’s too “intense” for some, but it’s right for me. If the person I’m with on a coffee date is dull, won’t talk, or is just “not in their element” talking with me at a coffee shop, well, then they aren’t for me.

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@seekingwolf Your soo right…thats a good idea for a 1st date :-P

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I see from your interests that you like photography and the beach. Why not grab some low-key dinner and then take a walk down to the beach so that you can get some good shots?

Another option is to go to a local museum, or a photography exhibit. It gives you a chance to focus on something other than your nervousness and creates a lasting memory.

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@figbash WoAh! You were right, i do like photography and beaches :). That would be awesome!!!

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I never understood the movie’s as a good place for a first date. You can’t talk, all you do is sit in the dark with someone. I feel like you may as well be alone. I am with @seekingwolf, coffee is a great way to chat and get to know each other in a neutral environment. I would go anywhere that provides a safe public place and a way to have good enlightening conversation.

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I think coffee is a great date, but it seems too informal to me…

My first date, I guess you could call it that, with my husband was dinner and a movie. I think seeing a movie is a good date because I suppose if you have nothing to talk about you can always talk about the movie you just saw!

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Go natural…make-up wise. I would wear a dress and we’ll probably go to a park…picnic!
or go to a Cafe. I wish this town would have a drive-in theatre….<3
Wow! I’m cheesy.

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I would probably make it an afternoon date.. so that I could dress casual and not too fancy… And the best location for me would be a coffeeshop! That way we could talk a lot and get to know each other.

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It sounds funny but… Go to the mall. Have lunch, or dinner. You want to be public and out in the open. But, you also want an environment that will allow you both to be able to talk and get to know one another. Concerts or movies or a festival. Keep you both from not using that precious time to interact. Plus, it is safer.

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Others have said this before (including Chaz now) – don’t go to the cinema!
A restaurant, hopefully well-lit and with not so much noise would be a good idea. Somewhere where you can talk and get to meet each other. Leave the non-verbal communication for later on, when you’re both more comfortable with each other and have decided to move forward with the relationship.

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If it’s at all possible, why not start with a group date, i.e., you and he and other friends go to a mall, or to a movie? Maybe even a couple of group dates. You’ll get to know him and be comfortable with him.

Similarly, if your first date is someone you already know, talk should come easier.

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definitely somewhere that you could talk! i hate dates to the movies because i would rather watch the person i’m interested in and talk to them. so i would suggest a coffee shop or dinner. perhaps the park after? anywhere you can wander around and talk for as long as you want.

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