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Should religion be in schools?

Asked by chris1002 (19points) July 13th, 2009
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i personly dont think so my family is church of christ and they have been pushin it on me forever and i get so tired of hearing how im going to hell and the devils got ahold of me. im not a bad person im just agnostic and to them that is the worst thing next to satanism

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idont look down on people for their beliefs so why do i looked down on

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No…we have Freedom of Religion and Seperation of Church/State here…teaching religion in public schools would clearly violate that.

Also, it’s NOT the job of schools to preach values/morals/religion. That’s the job of the parents. Leave it to the parents, who all have different families and may want to teach their children differently than other parents would. The schools can teach academic subjects.

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Religion has a very important place in schools: the comparative or world religions class. And sometimes in history when it is important to the narrative (ie, most of European history and, frankly, everywhere else). But other than that, religion does not belong in school.

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Religion belongs in higher education as a choice, not a requirement. I enjoyed learning about religions I didn’t know about from an educational standpoint. But in K-12?? No, it is the job of the parents to pass on what they want to their children. I would be offended if my children’s school tried to intervene in my parenting.

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my grandfather has a school book of his mothers a history book on the first page it says “in the beginning god made the universe” and so on and so on pretty much the whole made in 6, rest on 7 thing and this is sceintifically impossable. that is why i say no because if we cant prove its a fact then its not a fact. faith is not enough to base it on.

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Everyone doesn’t have the same relegion so I don’t think it would really work out well. There would be alot of complaining and people who would be very offended by the idea it is just another issue that would be too much hassle and could become a negative thing because of it. I really don’t think students in public schools or high schools would like the idea of it at all. I myself am Catholic but I don’t believe my faith should be pushed onto other people. Everyone has their own choice and everyone should respect that. @chris1002 that is why it is called faith because you are believing in something, fact has nothing to do with it in this case. If you are suggesting that relegion should not be put in schools because you do not believe in it then that is fine. And that is why it should not be put in schools, people shouldn’t push you to believe in something you don’t that is just wrong. Everyone has their own opnion and should not be forcced to change it because someone else does not agree with it.

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I am fine with comparative religion as an elective in high school. Otherwise no.

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I agree with @EmpressPixie and @JLeslie. I see no problem with it as an elective.

My parents were not religious and left it up to me to decide what I wanted to learn. It would have been nice to have the opportunity to learn about all religions in school.

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Why should my tax dollars be used to teach people about religions I don’t even believe in?

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@benjaminlevi why should your tax dollars be used to pave a road you’ve never driven on either?

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@benjaminlevi If more people had a better understanding of other religions that were not their own, maybe there would be less conflict in the world?

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or maybe there should be a one world religion

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but then thats not free is it

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@benjaminlevi why should your tax dollars pay for anything that you dont use. you dont know my cousin but hes in prison i dont want to use my tax dollars on him but i dont have a choice

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This is a binary thing.
You either allow all religion in school or you allow none.
I’d be in favor of all religion in school because it would be a valid opportunity for everyone to learn about what everyone else believes. That would foster more acceptance.

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it is in our constitution…and money….

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 But we need roads for our infrastructure to function. We don’t need religion.

@jonsblond Maybe, but do we really need that taught K-12? I think that should be more of a college/private school thing or an elective.

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@benjaminlevi Not everyone can afford a college education. I also mentioned that I only agree that it should be an elective in high school.

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No, school and religion should not mix, too many possibilities of negativity, and I believe religion should be it’s own little thing, and just forget about it

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Sure, provided it’s not public school.

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@jonsblond Or better yet as an extracurricular activity.

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@benjaminlevi I can agree with that. I just don’t see why learning, even if it is something you disagree with, is a bad thing.

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I believe it should only be in schools, as long as all religions are being discussed, say in a comparative religion class; however, as one religion introduced into schools – say Christianity, no. I (and yes, I do believe in God) know far too many people of various religions that would be left out, if that were the case.

I believe in a Separation of Church and State, I think it’s very necessary to keep a balance in schools. Also, in times like these when we are cutting teachers, programs…adding religion, yeah – I don’t see that going too far.

Keep the schools for academics. Religion is an option. Allow people to exercise that right on their own time.

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@chris1002 – Sometimes the answer can be simply to smile and nod whenever die-hard believers start up, especially if they are family members. It isn’t always easy, but it makes life much, much simpler, at least until you are able to move far, far away.

Proclaiming agnosticism in virulently Christian households is a bit like waving the proverbial red cape in front of a bull.

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i think the history/general educational aspects should definitely be in schools. however, religion shouldn’t be taught as ‘right or wrong’ unless you’re attending a religious school.

i’m not religious whatsoever, but i think religion and the effects it has had on history are really, really interesting, not to mention important to know about.

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I agree with @cak and @tiffyandthewall

Personally I enjoy learning about different religions and found that my religious studies lessons at school helped me to appreciate other cultures and beliefs. I was luckily that religion wasn’t forced on us at my school but we were taught the history behind many different religions. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that at all.

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No. Nor it should be anywhere else. (this without endorsing its outlawing, i simply endorse thinking rationally and coherently)

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@Thammuz One other chode. You should consider loving God. Why? Because no matter how shitty this world gets, no matter how bad things fall apart, my God takes care of me and I don’t fear a damn thing because of that.

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@sap82 As for loving god, i don’t see how i could love something of which i have never had any proof. I love my girlfriend, i love my friends, i love my parents, but they exist. And i know they exist because i see them, talk to them and so on, and other poeple see them too so i assume i’m not talking to an imaginary friend.
Contrarily to that NOBODY sees god, not even those who TALK to him.

Your god takes care of you? Really? I wonder if that’s why prayer doesn’t work.

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