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Why does it put babies and dogs to sleep to lightly rub their foreheads and in between their eyes?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6834points) July 13th, 2009

It seems like they relax more when I do that to them. If someone does it to me it does not relax me though.

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I fall asleep when someone does that to me. I think it relaxes them and they know you care for them. But I’m no dog so I wouldn’t know…

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If someone did that to me, I would probably slap them. I’ve wondered this too. I used to put my baby to sleep like that. Thanks for the random memory!

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Pssh, not all of these things work for babies…just to prepare you for your future lol.

I don’t know. Nothing like that worked with my son as an infant. Only thing touch wise that he liked was belly or back rubs. Also, when he was very small and sometimes constipated, we’d rub his little feet and it’d help him poop.

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When you rub between their eyes, I think its because of the natural instinct to close their eyes.. Since its a gentle touch or rub, it relaxes them and it lets them know someone is still there and cares for them. Add those together and I could see how sleeping could come easily.

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You said it all in your details. Anyways, for the dog…well she’s a lazy potato so she would fall asleep anytime.

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@casheroo That helps them poop? Got any more tips like that for me? we’re due Feb. 9th

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@BBSDTfamily It really does help, in my experience..and many other mother’s I know. I think it only helps little ones though, because of how sensitive their reflexes are (it’s using reflexology)
I’m trying to remember more tips, it’s so hard because you pretty much block those times out of mind because they’re so stressful and so much lack of sleep! It is so worth it though.
Uh, tyips to help them sleep? Definitely a vibrating bouncy seat. Those things are awesome. We never really used a swing, but my parents had one at their house and our little guy liked to use it there. The bounce seat is great, because you can put it in the bathroom and get a shower and keep an eye on the baby at the same time.

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@casheroo Thanks! I’ll take all I can get!

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This works on my wife and she is neither baby or canine.

When my daughter was younger, I rubbed her feet. That’d knock her out.

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Never worked on either of my kids. My daughter liked her tummy rubbed, and my son still goes to sleep if you rub his back.

Doesn’t work on our dogs either. They all seem to prefer to have either their belly rubbed or their backs, down by the tail.

It works on my friend’s cockatoo, though. McCloud loves it when she does that.

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The natural instinct to close ones eyes when something gets too close! If they’re already sleepy it simply makes it harder for them to open their eyes back up. That’s what I always thought anyway!

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My husband does that to me, and I love it. I thought it was something just his family does. I actually think that almost any habit that becomes part of a ritual for relaxing or sleeping can work.

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I know the shoulder rubs I give people are relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I went to see my doctor once, he complained he was tense, so I gave him a 30 second neck massage. Perked him right up. Still charged me full price for the visit, though.

My dog likes her tummy rubbed, and that will put her right to sleep.

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I’m 34 n love it!

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I love getting stroked behind my ears that alwys puts me to sleep!! I am neither dog nor baby!! I always thought stroking between the eyes helped babies fall asleep because as some have mentioned because its harder to keep your eyes open if there is something near them??

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