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Guitarists: When playing do you still look at what you are strumming?

Asked by Tink (8673points) July 13th, 2009 from iPhone

Do you constantly watch your fretting hand?
I do.

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If you keep playing and play regularly, you’ll stop doing that. Practice makes perfect.

When I first started and for the first few years even, I never thought I would ever look away from my hands (especially with the harder songs). This was a problem as I sing too. BUT, if you stick with it, you kind of just “learn” how to do it.

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yeah pretty much what he said

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Yeah I berly started but i’m a fast learner, and I tend to do that alot

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It’s the same as typing. After a while you don’t need to. I only look if I have nothing better to look at (eg if I’m playing alone in my room or something). When I’m on stage I always look at the crowd or the other musicians (there’s a lot of on-stage communication, like what to do next, difficult bits coming up, instructions on sound, rhythm etc).

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I look down every now and then if I’m standing up at a show, but if I’m sitting I’m comfortable not looking at all.

a good tip that I used to do, whenever you’re practicing songs, only play with your eyes closed, trust me, your fingers will thank me for it down the road.

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From time to time i watch my fret hand, tho this would only be during certain parts of solo’s , or when learning a new song normally i do not watch my hand .

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once the the muscle memory kicks in you will not need the visual clue. But it can be that you think you need to look even if you don’t. Have you tried just closing your eyes and visualising your fretting hand.

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I’ve tried it but couldn’t do it, I have to constantly keep looking

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It will take time for you to memorize and get your fingers to go where you want , how long you been playing for ? ?

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One thing I found that helped was to practice a song for a little bit, and then try playing it in the dark. You can still look obviously, but it’s a lot harder to see, so you’re going way more off “instinct” of where your hands are and need to be.

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Strumming…never, no need to, but sometimes if I’m sweep picking or playing fast licks or legato then I will ;)


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i never watch my strumming hand. I’ll watch my fingering sometimes when i need to.

when you play long enough you begin to learn where the strings are on your guitar and where your hand needs to be to play certain strings, and then you wont bother looking at your strumming hand.

just takes practice.

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@sandy About 3 months now, but I know a few songs

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@Tink1113 Sit and look at the neck memorize where the first couple frets are , memorize some chord shapes and some riffs . When you have that done , stand or sit and fix your gaze on something in front of yourself .
Try not to look away from that spot you will find you will glance down from time to time you could even close your eyes .

If you have a riff or couple chords you use alot just play them slowly , again fix your focus on something else you will make the odd mistake its normal

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@sandystrachan Thanks, I will try that =]

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