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Have you ever had a close call with the cops (driving) and felt really lucky to get away?

Asked by Ansible1 (4836points) July 13th, 2009

Once when i was driving from new york (buffalo) to florida (tampa) it was around 3am, barely any cars on the road, i was going around 80 in a 75mph, a car flew by me going at least 100, so i felt pretty safe kicking it up to 95, then a few seconds later another car flew past me going i’m guessing even faster than 110, so I was thinking: ok i can drive as fast as i want, those guys are going to get pulled over before i i’m following these two cars driving 110mph+ and all of a sudden the car in the middle pops on his lights: it’s a cop…

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Wow, that’s pretty crazy :)

The fastest I’ve gone is 80 mph. No reason for me to go higher. I only went 80 once…usually the highest I’ll hit on the thruway is 75.

I’m 19 and drive like a grandma I swear

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120. Whoops…

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75 and then the steering wheel starts vibrating almost uncontrollably. Kinda scared to go over 70 now!

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Here is my edited response from this same question being asked here

- 125 m.p.h.
– Chrysler K Car (Military Police patrol car)
– Upstate New York between Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome and Fort Drum Army Post outside of Watertown
– Around 0600 hours (6:00 a.m. for everyone else)

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The fastest I ever drive is 100 and that is usually the speed limit for the highway I drive on I don’t like to fool around with my life, I am really not a risk taker, I’m a chicken.

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I was 16, and my dad had a Lincoln Mark 8…I got it up to 135, and it felt like the car was floating on the road…only kept it there for about 5 seconds.

Now, I drive very defensively, set my cruise, and rarely go over 75.

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@Bluefreedom did you get caught?

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I’ll tell you later when I eventually learn to drive….

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Not nearly as fast as an ansible can send messages.

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140mph with a 2006 Lexus GS430 up in Canada somewhere beyond the border towards Niagara Falls.

Held it for a good 15 seconds before bringing it back down to about 80.

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@cyndihugs. We were returning to our Army base from a munitions escort to Griffiss Air Force Base and since we were military policemen, we thought we’d have a good chance of getting out of a ticket if we were pulled over. We didn’t get caught but it was a big risk anyway because we couldn’t have justified why we had to drive that fast to get back to our base. Since my supervisor was riding with me and he was the one who told me to “punch it and let’s see what this car will do”, I was ready to blame everything on him.

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About 120…then I crashed. I don’t drive fast anymore. :P

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@ShanEnri I’ve got the same problem!

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@Bluefreedom, I used to own a Plymouth K Car—an unReliant with a 2.2L 4 cylinder and four on the floor shifter. It got beat in an impromptu drag race by a diesel Chevy Chevette.

How, in the name of all that is good and right, could it possibly run up to 125mph, let alone serve as a military patrol vehicle??!

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@robmandu. This was the Army in 1987 when they probably had a contract with Chrysler to provide those types of vehicles back then. The K car that we got up to 125 m.p.h. was the newest one in our fleet and that is the only reason it went that fast. All the other K cars we used on base for patrol were tired out, beaten up, defunct, and just plain ugly.

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Back when I was younger and much stupider, I hit 170MPH (indicated) in my heavily modifed 3000GT VR4 (Twin Turbo) on I-95 at 4AM. There’s a straight 4-Mile shot near where I lived at the time. Wasn’t as exciting as you think, at night it’s extremely difficult to feel the speed. There were no other cars on the road (which is why I went for it). Just watched the numbers climb and climb till I ran outta road. Was the stupidest thing I ever did, if I hit a deer at that speed, or had a blowout, It woulda been all over and ended in a fireball.

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100. So stupid…

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@ubersiren want to share the story?

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Right around 145. SRT-4…...... Could’ve gone a lot faster too, but we ran out of straight road.

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The engine of my own car was factory capped at around 130. Taking it up caused the gas pedal to become unresponsive and my car shifted down. Damned governors.

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@cyndihugs : Sure… I used to have some wicked road rage. I used to follow people to their homes and bitch them out if they so much as cut me off. One time this girl was riding my ass going down a steep, winding mountain road, so I let her pass me, then I rode on hers. I chased her into a parking lot and when I pulled up next to her she was crying and fumbling with her cell phone. I banged on her window and told her to drop her cell phone. I told her she was a dumb bitch and she was going to get someone hurt tailgating that close.

But that’s not the story.

I was simply driving on a long stretch of road and there was this jackass hillbilly in a pickup who rode on my tail for a while as if I was driving like Grandma Moses, so when he passed me, I decided to race him. We both reached 100 (maybe higher, but that’s as high as my tinker toy Cavalier would go). I eventually got scared of getting pulled over, so I backed off.

I don’t do that anymore since I have a child. I still get pissed at people who don’t drive to my standards. Something I’m working on.

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@ubersiren Your story reminds me of my recent trip to Colorado. We were riding in an RV that was pulling an SUV on a two lane mountain road that we were not familiar with. Once we got past the treacherous part of the road several cars passed us and gave us a long, stiff finger! Locals can really be impatient, can’t they!

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Going from St Louis MO to Biloxi MS, somewhere around Jackson MS.

I was going about 80–85 when I topped a hill, and the cop at the bottom turned on his lights just then a huge RV passed me going about 110, the cop was no longer interested in me

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Had the family minivan up to 105. Didn’t even know it at first.

Was passing on a two-lane Texas highway with 70mph speed limit. Jerk I was passing was apparently wanting to burn up all the diesel in his F-350 crew cab 4×4 dualie whilst towing a trailer.

I was just trying to complete the maneuver. I was out in front, but not enough to merge back over. Just kept going on the gas until I could get over.

BTW… the van had plenty left in it. Left me impressed and confident.

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I was driving on the street I lived on while I was married at least 15 years ago; it was a fairly busy road, and people often sped on it. As I went towards home, a cop passed the other way, and I saw the car swing around to make a U-Turn at the intersection I had just passed… so I sped up, zipped into my driveway and down the hill into my open garage door just as I saw the cop whiz past.

I’ve actually had a couple evasive-maneuver escapes, where I got off the next exit and ducked into a parking lot or something to that effect. And when I was driving a black Jeep Compass (which is clearly a Jeep from the front, but doesn’t look so much like one from the side or rear), I saw the cop pull out of the median, so I just slowed down thinking he was gonna pull me over… but he cop passed me and pulled over a black Jeep Cherokee which I guess he thought was me!

That mistaken identity can’t happen now with my Green Mini Cooper (which I’ve had up to 120, and no tickets).

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- I got a speeding ticket for going 20mph above the limit. I got nothing for trying to evade the patrol unit. And thank God they didn’t bother to test my blood for alcohol.

- Simple warnings for speeding after I left a restaurant (where I had been drinking a lot). That happened twice.

- I got stopped twice at police roadblocks after leaving nightclubs, on the local police’s favorite nights to catch drunk drivers: saturdays at 4 am. Each time I had been drinking at least 5 times the max amount of alcohol tolerated.

The first time, my passenger suggested a breathing technique to trick the alcotest kit. I passed.

The second time I didn’t have much time, maybe only 5 minutes to prepare and it didn’t work so I put on a show and managed to confuse the 2 cops. They dismissed the test and let me go.

- I got many big breaks over the years (the cop made an inadvertent mistake that invalidated the ticket, or they cut the penalty in 2), simply because I was affable, friendly, respectful, basically a good sport being busted right after a foul mouthed, whiney, sore loser.

- The only one incident that really scared me to death happened as I was driving to my third nightclub at 2 am. I slowed down at a stop sign, carefully ran two red lights, speeded, spun my rear wheels just once, for fun, and naturally I had been drinking an indecent amount of alcohol since early evening.

Turns out 2 cops in civilian clothes were behind me the whole time and just waited for me to stop the car to introduce themselves. We had a interminable conversation and they just let me go.

I could be quite the Cop Whisperer but, realistically, I think they just wanted to have a little fun at my expense. They probably took me for a rich daddy’s boy who wouldn’t even get a slap on the wrist anyway.

- More recently, I managed to save my license after being flashed too many times by unmanned radars in a short period of time. I stood to lose more points than I had. At the time I had to drive long distances twice a week, like 500 miles and back over the weekend. I hated to spend too much time on the road so I always tried to outrun boredom. Here’s the kicker: 2 decades ago I was flashed by a photoradar not even 3 months after I got my license which meant I could lose it and have to pass the tests again. I bought a How To book and exploited the legal loopholes revealed in it. Something like 15 years later these very same loopholes saved my license again, big time.

After this I realized I had been way too lucky and I needed to stop pushing it. Now, no matter how much I hate driving like a geezer I stick to just the limit before a serious penalty.

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