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Where can you find Gorilla Glue at Walmart?

Asked by Open (198points) July 13th, 2009

My friend is asking me and I have no idea. ^_^

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Maybe your friend should ask the Walmart Greeter where the gorilla glue is located.

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Close to the paint section.

just bought some there the other day

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It would be in with hardware, and home repair stuff.

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Ask an associate, but it also depends what it’s for. It could be in the crafts section, or home improvement section. Don’t think it would be in school supplies.

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I don’t know, but I do know where Elmers Glue is located…

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I found Gorilla Glue in the home improvement section, sort of near the paint too.

But you should ask a Walmart person. Your WalMart may be different.

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Sometimes I get so frustrated with trying to find stuff at Wal-Mart that I just leave. I think there’s a curse on me that absolutely no sales associates are around when I need them.

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I don’t know. I always get mine in the glue section of Hobby Lobby or Home Depot.

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Go to Lowe’s or Home depot.
Fuck Wal*Mart.

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