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Are tuna sandwiches/melts supposed to be cut in half diagonally?

Asked by tinyfaery (43456points) July 13th, 2009

The other day I ordered a tuna sandwich at a diner and it came cut horizontally. I was immediately taken aback. I cannot remember ever having a tuna sandwich from a diner or restaurant and not have it cut diagonally.

Is this my imagination? Is it regional? I know that club sandwiches are supposed to be cut in triangles. Or are they?

Now I’m all confused.

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Yeah, that is odd. Must be something regional.

But in the end, it tastes the same, right?

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Club sandwiches are supposed to be cut into triangles. However, the cut of tuna sandwiches/melts (and any other melts, that is) depend on the restaurant. Haha, I work at Friendly’s.

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There simply can’t be a rule about it. We don’t need legislation at that level of our lives. Maybe the cut style is part of their branding. Maybe the sandwich maker cut them the way her mom used to do. It’s not going to change the sandwich.

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My mother always cuts all sandwiches horizontally. My father always cuts them diagonally. I figure the difference is that my mother doesn’t care if she eats the whole thing and often wanders off without having finished her lunch, but my dad wants to get every last little corner into his mouth.

Of course, there may be other reasons for the difference.

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I think the chef was high.

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Wawa cuts everything horizontally, so I got used to it.

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What makes a melt, a melt is not how it’s cut, but how it’s cooked.

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Should be sent back to the kitchen for correct recutting. Absolutely.

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I don’t know why, but every sandwich in the world could be cut horizontally and it wouldn’t bother me. In fact I prefer it most of the time. But, grilled cheese must be cut diagonally!

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I have this discussion daily with my 5 year old daughter. “Crust or no crust? Diagonal or horizontal? 4 pieces or 2?”.

She constantly changes her mind and always gets upset if I assume based on how she wanted it the day before.


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Cut sandwiches? I’ve never cut my sandwiches, seems kind of pointless when it will all be eaten anyways…

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At my workplace, we’re required to cut all sandwiches diagonally. The rationale is that it is easier to eat, because those initial few bites will fit in your mouth easier. Always thinking about the customer, we are…

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Sandwiches should be cut into 7ths either sliced from the center or in thin vertical strips.

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@augustlan I’m with you on that. It doesn’t matter how you cut my sandwich, except for grilled cheese. In fact, I always used to cut my younger son’s grilled cheese sandwich into four triangles and he still likes it that way – and he’s 26! (I think there’s a nostalgia factor in there somewhere for both of us.)

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I… I thought tuna melts were uncut and open-faced.

What have I been doing all my life, then?

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@jonsblonde Your daughter sounds like fun. Kids are usually so regimental.

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@tinyfaery She is. There’s never a dull moment with her around. :)

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I think it’s all preference. I seriously doubt there’s a way sandwiches are “supposed” to be cut.

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I have a thingie (that’s a technical term for a kitchen tool that is otherwise unexplainable and that turns up mysteriously in garage sales) which allows me to make sandwiches round, with their edges sealed. I used to do it to impress my kids.

Does that count for anything? It does remove the crust, which my kids wouldn’t eat anyway, and you can still cut it into any number of pieces if you want.

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@Darwin : We had one of those thingies when I was a kid. When we made sandwiches using it we called them flying saucer sandwiches. And you could get such a nice even browning and a seal around the edge. Mmmm. I wonder if my mom still has that thing.

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If she doesn’t, check at various garage sales and at Goodwill. You can buy a brand new one from Pampered Chef, but that one ought to be made of solid gold, considering the price.

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I didn’t know you could still get those. Pampered Chef. Good deal.

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Most restaurants have their own way of serving any meal, and I believe some try to be creative, with a signature “style”.

Most sandwiches I have ever ordered as a customer, prepared as a cook or served as a waiter in a restaurant (except on a bun, as in a burger, or an open face sandwich) have been cut diagonally

Recently, there seems to be a trend for some to cut them horizontally, I guess just to be trendy or fashionable.

The way I remember club sandwiches is on three slices of toast, cut in quarters (triangles) and placed around the edge of the plate to make room for the salad, potatoes, or whatever else is to be served with it.

Open face sandwiches: I have usually seen these served on two pieces of toast, one whole and one cut in half diagonally and each half placed at opposite ends of the other slice.

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sandwiches are very mathematical- and the hypotenuse is delicious. Why would you rob someone of that by cutting it into rectangles instead of a triangle? God help you if you cut the crusts off and make a rhombus.

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