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What if Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, or other such extremist turned out to be a satirist?

Asked by ubersiren (15180points) July 13th, 2009

They’re probably not, but for the sake of discussion, how would you feel if this turned out to be true?

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I would prefer that because their outright vile hatred of those who believe differently than they, would not be real then.

Although I don’t believe they are really as vitrolic in real life as they are on their shows.
They ham it up for ratings just like all entertainers, which actually makes their actions all the more repugnant.

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I would be relieved. Relieved because the thought of people that callous and stupid not being real is a good feeling.

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If that actually happened, their existence would make much more sense.

Otherwise they are just bigots. If they were satirists, they’d be geniuses.

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I’d still laugh at them.

They are entertainment. That’s it.

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I would award them ten internets for their convincing portrayal of lunacy. And then I would kill them for actually influencing the votes of real right-wing nutjobs.

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As you say, they are hard core very right wing, which I do not agree with, but they seem true to their beliefs. Thus I know their stripes. I would prefer people be what they are than be phony, so I would actually respect them less if they turned out to be satirists. What would be the point of it?

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I’d still want to punch Ann Coulter in the face every time I saw her.

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I have a feeling Colbert could be satire.

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@ryanpowell What?! Really? Next you’ll be telling me Santa is a fake!

The_Compassionate_Heretic's avatar

@jonsblond Next thing you know someone will say something crazy like that Dame Edna really isn’t a dame.

That’ll be the day.

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@tinyfaery You mean every time you saw him

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic You guys are blowing my mind tonight!

I learn something new every day on Fluther. Thank you Bendrew! ;)

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What? That would put all of those people who have spent years working on an antivenene for Ann Coulter out of work. That would be a terrible thing – we need research into poisonous substances.

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I’d pay to see @tinyfaery punch Andy Coulter in the face. Has to be a guy, even seen the Adam’s Apple on Ms. Coulter? Bigger than Ernest Borgnine’s Adams Apple.

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“What if blah, blah, blah turned out to be satirists?”

Bill Maher would be unemployed.

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The first time I heard Ann Coulter speak I thought of Amanda Lear – probably one of Europe’s best known and most popular transsexuals. Had his/her own TV show for many years. Many years ago Ann Coulter mentioned Amanda Lear as being among her favourite personalities. There are similarities between them with regard to appearance – Amanda Lear being better looking though.
Amanda Lear

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@jonsblond is that such a bad thing?

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@boots Not at all. I can’t stand the guy anymore!

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I thought they were.

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They aren’t very good ones, if they are. Personally, I think they are escapees from Area 51.

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A lot of right wing voters would be seriously pissed.

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Seriously, I saw a thread on freerepublic (ick) when they finally found out Colbert wasn’t one of them. This was like two years after it was on the air. The stupidity was hilarious and frighting at the same time.

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i’d think it’s pretty funny, but their fans sure would feel like douchebags, wouldn’t they?

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Edited because I was totally wrong.

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@tiffyandthewall :That’s what I sort of thought. It would be like the best ammo against the nut job rightists.

@evelyns_pet_zebra : Andy Coulter… I love that!

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I don’t think it matters whether they’re walking parodies because they don’t realize what they’re saying or because they’re satirists. The only sane response to either is to point and laugh.

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although i doubt it happening it think this exchange between O’Reilly and Colbert is related and interesting to think about:

BO: That whole angry thing, thats just an act; im not really that angry a guy.
SC: But Bill! If you’re just an act! What am i?!

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The worst thing about Coultier is that people actually LISTEN to her. I don’t want to supress anyone’s right to speak, but she needs to be tar and feathered.

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If Glenn Beck is a satirist, he’s not doing a good job.

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i just saw this pop up on the side under ‘sibling questions’ and i read it as ”...turned out to be satanists. what a spin that would put on this question, eh?

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shouldn’t there be a sliver of fun and good humor? something you could look at with some joy instead of disgust?

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Even if someone like Rush Limbaugh were a satirist, the sad part is that most of those who follow him blindly would fail to see the satire.

@teh_kvlt_liberal Beck’s not a satirist, he’s a lunatic!

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I don’t know about Culter, but I believe that Limbaugh is filled with satire. I know that a lot of what he says is intended as a sarcastic comment not to be taken literally. In turn, a lot of what he says is not meant as sarcasm, he is still very right wing.

Either way this is America. Like it or not they have a right to speak their minds. The listeners also have a right to listen. They have a right to be stupid.

I personally enjoy Rush Limbaugh’s satire. I don’t agree with everything he says, and I also don’t disagree with everything he says. He is an entertainer trying to get ratings talking about current events. He knows how to captivate audiences from many demographics.

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That’s always been my theory about Ann Coulter; that she is really the world’s most epic troll.

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AFAIK, they’re not extremists. It’s the Lefties who have gone waaay to the side and tried to normalize their new position.

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You mean, they aren’t? Horrors.

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They failed. They actually need some talent in that area. :(

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Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Miller are all highly paid performers.
Much of what they do wouldn’t really be satire but they are popular for giving a voice to people’s sorely neglected anuses.
Any right-winger who doesn’t know they are hyperbolic fantasy spinners would apparently not know B.S. and satire if it smacked them upside the head with a frying pan.

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