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How do you stop a moose dead in its tracks with only your pinky and a paperclip?

Asked by atr408 (357points) January 5th, 2008

sumone said they were waiting for this question so here it is

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Matters. Is it Chuck Norris’ pinky?

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this is for jordangerous… hehehe.

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I believe that Jordan was being ironic.

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I agree with Conspirator, it has to be Chuck Norris’ pinky.. and he won’t even need the paperclip..

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Well – just as MacGyver would have done…You use the paperclip to shear off your own pinky’s fingernail when the blood comes spurting out you take the blood and place one drop on the very tip of the paperclip. That will then act as a sort of magnyfying glass which then can be used to ignite brush of leaves on the ground and become ablaze you then simply stand behind the fire and surley the moose will stop.

Now to find the band-aids and fire extinguishers…..

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I don’t.

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Are we talking about an automatic or a semi-automatic paperclip?

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