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How would you react if you accidently saw your friend's genitalia on video chat, and they didn't know you saw?

Asked by eponymoushipster (20297points) July 13th, 2009

I recently had this happen. My dearest friend was video chatting with me, and she thought she turned off her video at the end of the chat. but, it didn’t, and i saw her urinating and performing certain female hygiene things. I KNOW she didn’t do it on purpose; and she has a BF. What should i do? Should I tell her I saw it? I mean, it’s lovely and what not, but i feel kind of guilty. What would you do? Has this happened to you before?

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Have a shot of Jagermeister and try to forget it ever happened.

Can’t say it ever happened to me – I don’t tote my computer anywhere near anyplace where I might not want someone to look in.

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Uhm, she had a computer directly across the bathroom?!
I would forget about it so she won’t be freaked out, even though you might still be…

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I might let her know in some fashion so that she doesn’t accidentally film herself again. I mean, wouldn’t you want to know?

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hmm, that’s an uncomfortable situation. I’d let her know, but be very gentle about it, and try not to make her feel embarrassed about it.

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Try and video chat more often.

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@Tink1113 @Darwin she sits in the bathroom sometimes because the wifi connection in better in there.

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The wifi connection at our house is better in my daughter’s walk-in closet, but I still insist on not being in there when she is dressing.

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@eponymoushipster Ha I do that at my grandparents house

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@Tink1113 well, just don’t video chat in there, k?

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@eponymoushipster Hah no way I only use my iPod in there so I can fluther

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@eponymoushipster Somehow, this could only happen to you. Damn sexy monkey attracts genitalia like a moth to a light.

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@augustlan i know. usually it’s “on purpose”. but this wasn’t. and she was sober, to my knowledge, and i hadn’t paid her. it’s very awkward.

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I’d start by demanding money then think long and hard about what I’d want next…...

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I would tell her, she is your friend and so you should be honest with her, and as your dearest friend she should understand and not be freaked out

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….when you saw what she was about to do why would you keep watching? tsk tsk. I’d just be like “haha I almost saw you pee the other day, you better make sure you turn your camera off when you’ve finished chatting”

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@shrubbery well, that’s the thing, i turned away to fire up the tv, and when i looked back – BOOM! and i was yelling, hey hey!, but then she closed the laptop. she had mentioned earlier that the battery was low. i mean, it wasn’t like a 2hr striptease. it was <1min, but i’m just kind of shocked.

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keep it to yourself for gods sake. we shouldnt even know about this. too late now, but i wont tell.

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@eponymoushipster yeah I guess but you still should have clamped your eyes shut when you realised haha. <1 minute doesn’t mean anything, 10 seconds is too long :P but yeah I guess you were shocked and all. I just say treat it as a joke, don’t tell her you actually saw anything just say that you could have and she should be more careful.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic why shouldn’t i tell anyone here?

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@eponymoushipster well… good point…
Dont tell your friends that know her. heh

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic right. mygod, i didn’t know she shaved it all, either.

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Show her this thread.

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Just forget it and never mention it to her. You can’t lie about I can almost see you. When did you stop? And what were you doing before you stopped? Why didn’t you yell something like “I…CAN…C…U…” into your mic??
If she busted your lies, not only you have seen everything, she might not be able to trust you completely again.

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I’m having a little trouble understanding why she’d set up her PC in the toilet, but whatever. Look, as long as it wasn’t done on purpose, there’s no harm there. I probably wouldn’t say anything so she doesn’t feel embarrassed, but even if you do, it’s just an accident, no big deal. Things like that can happen. You could also make fun of it and it will be something to laugh about.

Last week I was staying in this pension and I went up one morning looking for the landlady to ask her something, and accidentally saw her completely naked. She screamed, I went out of the room and she got dressed, and then later we both made a joke about how she should charge me extra for the show. It can happen, it’s nobody’s fault.

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I’d only be worried if you didn’t have trouble masterbating later that night. or immediately afterwards, in your case.

I really wouldn’t even mention it, just focus on trying to look her in the eye ever again…

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i really don’t know how i’d react to the situation, but i lol4rl’d at your question/tags.

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You should look at this as an opportunity. Be merciless. Tell her you’ve posted it somewhere and don’t tell her where. Tell her it’s making you some money. heh heh heh Don’t actually post it though.

I think you should tease her about it. Not in front of anyone else. But you should tease her. You have to expect some ribbing when you do something like that. Think of how close it will make you. :^>

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Go your temp folder, look for video files, save the right one, name your price.

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I wouldn’t say anything. Maybe she shut her laptop because she realized it was still on and that was the quickest thing she knew to do. You said you turned to look at the TV; as far as she needs to know, that is all you were doing between the time she thought the webcam was off and the time she shut the laptop.

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I’d tell her. If it happened with you, it could happen again with someone who isn’t as caring as you are about it. Someone else may take that opportunity to do some damage with it. I’d certainly want to know! It’s only fair to her.

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I’m sorry, but I would have laughed my fool head off. Only tell her after a few drinks one night! She’ll be mortified, but if you can temper it with humor – it might be something you can both laugh about.

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@epony, dude! @AllieOFS is on Fluther! She’s gonna see this discussion!

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In the most apologetic and compassionate way you can explain that you saw a bit of her nakedness and that she may want to be more diligent. Let her know you wanted to tell her as her friend.

She doesn’t need to know how much you saw but you would be a good friend to make her aware I think.

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@robmandu most definitely not her

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I would so not want to know, especially if I was doing bathroom things….just let it go! If it happens again, then I’d say something, but act like it was the first time.

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Maybe wait a month or so.

Then say something like, “Oh yeah. One time a while back, I think you closed your laptop and thought it was off. But I could still see you walking around. I kept forgetting to tell you. I hope your battery life has been okay.”

See? Enough time has elapsed that she likely would not recall exactly what she was doing at the time. And there’s no reason for you to tell her something embarrassing. And you’ve got an acceptable “concern” with the battery life thing.

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@robmandu: very diplomatic!

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I am so glad I don’t have a camera on my computer!

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Ugh, how awkward. If it was me, I wouldn’t want to know.

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That you know of.

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I think I would want to know, as long as the friend told me in a casual, non-creepy way.

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@Likeradar uhh this is @eponymoushipster we’re talking about~

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@casheroo You’re so right. I take it back… I’d expect a singing strip-o-gram. “Your vag was seen by Bucky, oh he is so lucky. Cover up that private part, good thing you didn’t fart” to the tune of Frere Jaques.

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@casheroo gee, thanks.~

@Likeradar “didn’t fart” – lol

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I totally meant to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider, btw.

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Did you end up telling her? I think we need an update.

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Yeah, i told her. she was cool about it. She’s a cool chick :)

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What did she say?

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She kinda thought i saw her, and just laughed about her lack of computer skills. Now we just kind of joke about it. “Remember, make sure there’s no blue light…”, “Blue Light Special”, things of that nature. :)

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Hahaha. That’s great.

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@eponymoushipster: I was so paranoid after reading your post, I covered up my camera lense with a sticker that I have to make an effort to remove!!

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@bythebay hahaha. well that’s one way to do it!

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@eponymoushipster: I’m just not willing to take the chance! :)

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In researching why you are called “Bucky” I discovered this thread and I can’t imagine how I miss things like this, it was a major event and I missed it!

You do lead a unique and amazing life.

Does the Bucky have something to do with Buck naked? I haven’t found a definitive answer yet.

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@rooeytoo there you go, mate.

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They call you Bucky? hahahaha

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I’d giggle like any other twerp that get’s riled up over seeing ones junk.

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