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I hugged a person with the intention of expressing love and the person pushed me away what should I do?

Asked by frigate1985 (927points) July 14th, 2009

Okay, a small number of you guys have seen my previous question regarding my crush. Well, I went out with her and a few of our friends around a shopping mall. At some point, we ended up somewhere nice and quiet. I must have been going crazy and hugged her (not tightly). She pushed me away after screaming for a milisecond. I apologized to her and it was accepted. But I dont think I would be able to go out with her after this cuz I’m too embarrassed.WHat can I do? I can’t afford to lose her like this! :(

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How old are you? This will change how you’ll handle the situation.

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i don’t really have any great advice for you, but i think she’s pretty mean for screaming just because you hugged her. don’t be too embarrassed; i think you behaved a lot more appropriately than she did.

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punch them in the face

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I think she sent you a message loud and clear. The only thing you can do now is to be civil, polite, but keep your distance without being aloof. Just play it cool and see how it goes from there.

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Was it a scream or a yelp? That probably makes some difference. Furthermore, just go out. We have to swallow our pride. You probably tried to make the first move way too soon. Does she even know that you like her? If not, then you should make it clear that want something on with her. If so, then you should just apologise, promise her that it won’t happen again soon and then go out more.

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I don’t think she should have screamed because of a hug, but yeah that was messed up.

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@Saturated_Brain : think it was yelp okay :)
@Tink1113 : my point exactly
@ABoyNamedBoobs03 : Huh?
@tiffyandthewall : uh, thanks :)
@Jack_Haas : thats what im doing at the moment
@richardhenry : uhh 16? but does that matter hugely?

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@Saturated_Brain Oh she knows pretty much everything :(

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So she knows you like her now?

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How to freak people out 101. You pass with a high distinction.

You should be embarrassed. I feel embarrassed on your behalf just because I am male.

Grow up! You cannot possibly be that simplistic and naive.

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@DarkScribe haha, yeah, I felt embarrassed too! I can just imagine the awkward situation play out.

@frigate1985 don’t worry though man…just move on, and forget about it. Act as casual as possible. It’s clear she’s immature too anyways..I mean, who screams because of a hug?! Just be sure not to go around hugging your teenage crushes anymore.

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Now you, as the guy, should go up to her and tell her that you will not allow anything like that to happen again in the future. Promise her that. If she still doesn’t want to go out with you, then you should probably just be friends.

But if she’s younger than you, then yeah, maybe you should try finding someone else.


On the plus side, I see a potential FML here…

Today, I finally went out with the girl I like. We went out to the mall with a bunch of friends. Spotting a prime opportunity after a while, I hugged her. She screamed. FML

All strictly true, just a bit of purposeful sentence structuring and detail omission (any improvement tips anybody?)

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Respect their personal bubble space.

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Seriously though, a hug? I hug almost everyone I know. Did you hug and lick her, or something? Why would any normal being scream when you go to hug them, unless they didn’t know you?

Either you were doing something weird, or the girl herself is pretty bizarre.

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She knows that you like her, but yelped when you hugged her? Either she’s not into you and didn’t know how to tell you or she’s not yet ready to handle that type of attention. Both indicate some sort of immaturity. You do not pass GO, nor collect the $200, sorry to say.

Let this one alone. There will be another young lady who’ll catch your fancy soon enough.

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I would move on. Not that you can’t hang out and be friends, but don’t hold out for a future with this girl. Be friendly, but act as though you aren’t embarrassed and couldn’t care less. That will eventually get you over her for real. There is the small chance that not paying much attention to her will make her more interested in you, but that is such a game that I wouldn’t even let myself fall into it if I were you.

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Your friend’s reaction was very clear. She does not want you to touch her. She does not like you in that way. Work on killing the crush.

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How to freak people out 101. She passes with a high distinction.

She should be embarrassed. I feel embarrassed on her behalf just because its impossible not to be. Come on. Screaming from a hug??

She needs to grow up! She cannot possibly be that simplistic and naive.

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She doesn’t want to date you. Don’t even try anymore.

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That hug had a two-fold purpose. First, to let her know how much you liked her and second, it was a trial balloon dispatched by you to determine if the feelings were mutual. Well, you got your answer and it is obvious the feelings are not mutual at this time. Perhaps you rushed things and there is a chance that something may yet develop. But, there is a good chance nothing will develop, so drop any expectations, definitely back off for a good while and just be a good friend to her. If you are not capable of that, break completely away lest the situation make you both miserable. See ya… (my initials)

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Personal space is your friend, and obviously, it’s her friend, too.

Nope, you crossed the line. You are now the guy that creeped her out. Sorry. It’s just this thing that some 16yr old girls do.

Best thing to do, back way off. If you can, just play it down and try to move forward, as friends. With all of that said, you deserve someone that won’t scream when you hug them! Just take it slow and next time, after you find someone else, don’t panic and hug them, too fast!

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@richardhenry what the…you seriously don’t think that I licked her! cmon that’s pervertish..

for everyone, yeah shewas born in a conservative family and is conservative without knowig that she is. Planning to go out again during the vacation with her CONSENT.
Ty for your suggestions :)

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@frigate1985 – Well, good luck and take her lead this time. :)

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@frigate1985 No, I didn’t. I was saying that was the only reason she should have reacted the way she did.

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