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How to sync an iPod touch to iTunes if you've already put it on another computer's iTunes?

Asked by monkeo (1points) January 5th, 2008
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I don’t have an iPod touch, but with my Nano, you just connect it to the other computer and it will ask if you want to delete and sync with the new computer.

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yes conspirator is right you can only sync songs from one computer at a time. As far as I know due to DRM issues iPods are restricted such that If you try to sync to the second it will erase everything (media) on that iPod.

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ya I have a iPod touch and 4 some reason when I try to put movies and podcasts and somtimes even music it says it can’t cuz my iPod isn’t conected… Does the videos have to be converted to a new format… WTF!?

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@atr-you have to power down the unit before connecting it to the computer; sometimes a hard reset of the iPod (hold down home and on/off switch continuously until screen restarts to white apple logo). Then, power off, then connect to the computer. That should reset the connection.

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I has used Swaptunes and that seems to work well for my iPhone.

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