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What's the most out-of-character, outrageous job you've ever wanted but can't have?

Asked by yziabites (104points) July 14th, 2009

you first :)

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football player
kindergarten cop er teacher

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airline pilot
wanted to work with Hubble
circus performer

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Fighter pilot
Rodeo clown
Train engineer
Flamenco dancer
Billy Mays Pitchman

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I’ve always wanted to be a train engineer.

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I wanted to work in the Alaskan seasonal crab business. Probably couldn’t handle being on a boat like that, but something involving it.

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Premiere Danseur
Freight Dog (freight pilot)
Secret Agent (like in Chuck)

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Turkey inseminator or Forune Cookie Writer

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@AstroChuck – Your cookies would sell like hotcakes and I don’t mean by the stack. I always thought funny fortune cookies rocked. You would be great at it.

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Casino bunny girl

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A couple of you reminded me of 2 things…growler reminded me I wanted to be a spy & Bluefreedom reminded of a train engineer!

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Stunt driver (seriously, I would love this job)

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Stunt driver, mortician, and perhaps a semen collector at a horse farm. okay, that last one was just a joke, to give you a very disturbing mental image, but the other two are legit.

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Cartoon voice overs
Profiler for the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit

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@MindStudy – Welcome MindStudy! and nice choices!

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edit: fortune cookie

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no, wait.

Harem keeper. Then I get to choose.

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@daloon- Isn’t the harem keeper usually a eunach?

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@AstroChuck It doesn’t really matter to me. In matters of reproduction, I am a eunuch.

However, in this matter, I was thinking of the harem keeper as the harem master. I have now reopened the application process for those who wish to apply. ;-) Don’t worry. Pregnancy is not an option.

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Oh, yeah.
edit: eunuch :)

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@AstroChuck That’s one reason I like Mozilla and Google Chrome—they both have spell checkers. You use iPhone, right? Does iPhone have a spell checking app yet?

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@daloon- The iPhone checks and “corrects” as you go, sometime giving you a word you hadn’t intended. The problem with the spellchecking is that it’s inconsistent and doesn’t always correct. That’s no excuse, though. I should have known to spell eunuch correctly as I pretty much lost my balls to the ex-wife.

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@AstroChuck I admire your efforts, but if iPhone doesn’t know how to spell eunuch, then I think a suit against Apple is in order!

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I would love to be a high fashion model but I am only 5’0 so that’s way out of the question.

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