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Why do a woman's naked breasts give men a far greater sexual reaction then men's breasts give women (if any sexual reaction at all)?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) July 14th, 2009
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because jiggly bobs are best hairless.

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We’re socialized to see women’s breasts in such a manner and are socialized to not think of men in terms of breasts

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Culture. It’s all about culture. There are places where women’s breasts give no sexual reaction because they are commonly viewed and only seen, really, as feeding devices for children. In yet other cultures, the stomach is viewed as sexually arousing in the way that we view breasts, and in still other cultures nothing above the waist is all that exciting.

It’s all about how you’ve been trained. You’ve been trained to think that breasts are exciting on ladies.

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Actually, I like men’s nipples and enjoy playing with them during lovemaking, but do guys get an erotic connection from them the way women do?

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Because they are soft and round and smooth and sensual and great and awesome and fantastic and yummy.

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@Marina: some men do.

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Because a woman’s breasts are far more interesting than a man’s. They start out as an entertainment center and then become what is essentially a juice bar.

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Further to @EmpressPixie ‘s post, I remember reading that a group of African women villagers burst out laughing when told that Western men see breasts as sexual objects.

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@AstroChuck During a man’s life cycle, doesn’t the woman’s breasts start out as a dairy farm? As he grows older they become his entertainment?

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@EmpressPixie, where do they think stomachs are arousing?

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@Deepness- The entertainment center part is what leads them to ultimately dispense 2%.
(or skim or whatever.)

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Has anyone noticed the completely random siblings this thread has?

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@SirBailey: Some places in Mali. When we had a visitor from Mali come and talk to us at school about his homeland, one of the differences he mentioned was that they don’t view breasts in the same way, but that the area from waist to knees was generally viewed like we view breasts—to be covered. Or perhaps hinted at. The traditional covering or hinting at any area tends to make it arousing.

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Because men’s breasts are not a sexual organ or play any role in reproduction or feeding a baby. I am sure there is some sort of Freudian explanation behinds mens attention to breasts. I know I like them, but only real ones. The bigger the better. mmmmmmmmmm.

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@EmpressPixie, when he said “the area from the waist to the knees”, I don’t really think he was talking “stomach”. :)

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@sap82- You ever notice that society tends to imply that the bigger the breasts, the dumber the woman when the truth is the bigger their breasts are, the dumber we men become?

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@SirBailey: We clarified. It’s the hip area, that I tend to refer to as the stomach. And also the thighs and knees. And (yes, of course :P) also the bits between.

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Hmm… Half of me is Asian (Indonesian or chinese or something, I don’t even know for sure), but was raised in the Netherlands. I don’t find breast particularly attractive while stomach (or at least, belly… Not sure if in English this means what I want it to mean) can do a lot. What would that mean? Nature over nurture? :P

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@AstroChuck , actually, really big ones turn me off.

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@SirBailey, I’ll second that.

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Because they make you thirsty.

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my weiner tells me to like them, and i do whatever the big guy says.

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Because we don’t see them often enough, and exotic = erotic.

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Is that all it comes down to? The fact that they cover theirs and men don’t? Maybe.

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@SirBailey realistically that’s all that I can see. Perhaps a Freudian Breast feeding complex too. Personally, I just think they look beautiful. Especially when a girl let’s me draw her :).

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@SirBailey – I wonder why it doesn’t work the other way around. Guys penises are covered but girls don’t seem to have that same reaction to them.

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that’s because guys are big a brutish in almost every aspect… And hairy. and the penis, sexuality aside, just looks fucking weird man….

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I find pecks a big turn on and mens nipples fascinating

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@Bri_L , I was thinking the same for butts. Women may LIKE men’s butts, but I don’t think they get the same sexual reaction as we do with theirs.

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@SirBailey I think I might agree w/you on that one.
but I must admit, (I’m into anal) I would honestly want to someday give what I have received. I think to share how incredible it feels w/someone would be awesomely intoxicating!

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tapes pillow to butt

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I am in a male minority. I have always believed that breasts are for feeding babies.

I’ve always been a sucker for a pretty face and a nice ass.

Does it help to add that I was breast fed by my grandmother?

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 you would have to be willing.
don’t worry about your butt w/me, I can (try) respect when partner says “no”

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I happen to get very excited (stimulated) if I see the chest or belly of someone I’m interested in. Men probably love women’s real breasts because they are soft, squishy and rounded.

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Eichhörnchenfürze sind verrückt….

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I think I need to open up a hands on investigation to get to the bottom of this, or rather, to the topless of this.

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Maybe I’m missing the forest from the trees? Maybe men are sexually aroused visually to a greater extent than women and so EVERY part of a woman’s body is more stimulating to the man than parts of a man’s body are to most women?

Men buy Playboy magazine. You don’t see many women buying Playgirl magazine.

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I am more turned on by a woman’s neck region, and the curve of her face than the size of her boobies. legs are good, too. The properly proportioned calf can make me weak in the knees. No pun intended.

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@SirBailey I have bought Playgirl, it sucked. I did see a bunch of naked men, but really wasn’t what I was looking for.
so, I find what I’m looking for IRL or online.
and I really, really , like what I have found online

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a good angle on the question is, why are men so attracted to women’s breasts?

that men have “breasts” is an evolutionary artifact. a man’s breasts are the undeveloped zygote equivalent to a woman’s breasts, just as a woman’s clitoris is the undeveloped zygote equivalent to a man’s penis.

a theory regarding male attraction to female breasts is that as humans evolved from quadrupedal to bipedal, attraction to the cleavage of a female’s butt was replaced by attraction to the cleavage of a female’s breasts.

as quadrupeds, sexual intercourse was oriented from the rear of the female. as bipeds, intercourse was oriented from the front of the female. hence, breast cleavage replaced butt cleavage as a sexual attraction for males to females.

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A woman here who finds the female body aesthetically pleasing. I love a woman’s soft curves/smooth skin (and love dragging my tongue along her body. Yum). I find it all to be a turn-on. From the nape of her neck, right down to her cute painted toes.

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@jmah – best. answer. ever. Lurve for cute painted toes.

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@jmah homina homina homina. <faints>

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@jmah: In just 3 lines of text you manged to give almost all the male audience massive boners. Lurve to you.

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The evil nipple (OK a thinly veiled braless brest too) it has a hypnotic power of men (mostly Western) because ever since we got off feeding of it we have been told it is forbidden. We get teased with it constantly; shown the sides, the top, the bottome even, all sides at one with pasties but the nipple has alays been the creme de la creme. If the allure of the breast was not over hyped as it has in the West then maybe we guys would view it the same as they would in many South Pacific communities where women are topless; no one jaw drop.

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a woman here, I love to look at toned pecs, abs, shoulders, lats, back… FIT MALE BODIES :)

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