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Would you be a benevolant dictator?

Asked by sap82 (704points) July 14th, 2009

You had just accuired a great deal of power. Nobody can over throw you. Your word is law. How would you handle this situation. Be honest. Chaos, destruction and death can be an answer.

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Absolute power leads to absolute corruption, and eventually, I’d become a monster. I’d be a horrible dictator, simply because I have a low tolerance for stupidity. Wife beaters, child molesters, criminals, remorseless serial killers, drug abusers, and eventually jaywalkers would get the axe.

You know those people that pull up alongside you at a traffic light with their thumpity-bumpity-bump-bump hip hop/rap music turned up really loud? Those would be the first people I’d have put to death after I ran out of criminal types to elimate from the gene pool. =)

After that, it’d be the careless people driving with a cell phone pressed to their ear and not paying attention to the road.

Yeah, I’d be a horrible dictator. pray like hell I never get to be the ruler of the world.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Aw, I was gonna say the same thing as your first line.

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Of course! If I ruled the world (or even a small portion of the world), I’d instill my law on every aspect of life.
No more white cars!....
Couples must pass a Parental Compentency test before having a child!...
Stupidity will be a punishable crime!... I get to decide who is stupid.
Banning of cable news!...
Speeding, even a mile an hour above the speed limit will get your license permanently revoked!...

I could go on for ages. As @epz said, just pray I never get this kind of power. ;-)

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I would ban all future dictators just before stepping down from the position.

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Sure, I’d be a benevolent dictator. I’d benevolently expunge our bicameral legislature and benevolently execute anyone who opposes me and benevolently appoint judges who uphold my decisions and benevolently plant agents of my agenda in every local governing office.

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I would institute very basic policy along the lines of the Golden Rule and would avoid nit-picking laws, rules and regulations. Provided everyone lived their lives based on adherence to the basic policy, well, everything would be wonderful. For those that could not get with the program, well… with their heads! See ya…

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Well I’m not officially a dictator, but i do make all decisions.
i think i’m doing quite well

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I’d start by assigning a Dictatorial Cabinet. I’d order @whatthefluther, @peyton_farquhar, and @Les to hold Cabinet positions for life. Then I’d sit back on my private island where the weather is always a sunny 70 degrees and call them once in a while for progress reports. If they piss me off, I’ll fire them and have @evelyns_pet_zebra take over in their place.

Once in a while, just for fun, I’ll have my kids make up a new law.

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@MissAusten : A wise decision. You shan’t be disappointed.

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I would rule with an iron fist and you all better know how to cook.

Otherwise, as long as you do not make a big deal out of seeing me at Wal Mart all will be cool.

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All the power would go to my head, then things would go down hill. I think that’d happen (or has) to just about every dictator.

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Everyone who agrees with me would certainly see me as benevolent. Those who didn’t would see my as a tyrant.

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I agree!

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Oh, Hell no. I’d be frickin’ Caligula. And I’d love every minute of it too.
Bow down to me, maggots.

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@AstroChuck you’d die of syphilis?

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@eponymoushipster- Caligula didn’t die of syphilis. He was hacked to death on his way to the Palatine games by a tribune of the guard (and a couple others). And that’s the way I want to go out. Dying in your sleep is boring.

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@AstroChuck no, what i said had nothing to do with Caligula.

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@MissAusten if you ever need my number, just ask!

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@MissAusten…, here….at your service: fully dedicated to implementing your policy via the lofty position to which I have been assigned. Good evening…wtf
Can someone please fill me in on what things piss off @MissAusten?

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@eponymoushipster…..I do not know @MissAusten well, and I specifically do not know what she means when she says she would fire me, but this image came to mind, and I aint takin’ no fuckin’ chances! Besides monkey man, continue making fun of me, and my first action as Cabinet member will be to order up some grilled monkey meat! OK, make that some damn sexy grilled monkey meat!

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@whatthefluther do you float in water, like wood, or very small pebbles?

btw, this monkey meat is always hot

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@eponymoushipster….I wish you would stop with all that sexual shit!

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Telling people in advance what pisses me off would take all the fun out of it.

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