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If you would vote for someone only if they are a theist, would that person have to be Christian or Jewish?

Asked by SuperMouse (30809points) July 14th, 2009

This question comes from this one. If part of what determines whether you vote for someone is whether they are a theist, does the type of theist they are matter? Would you vote for a theist that is not Christian or Jewish?

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Only Chirstians and Jews are theists?

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Loaded question.

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I’ll vote for Evelynists, but I don’t think any of the people in politics have the balls to join Evelynism.

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None of it matters to me, all I care about is the issues directly related to the presidents position, and his record and views on the issues. I don’t care if he is Jewish, Mormon, Catholic, atheist, etc.

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Would be Christian for the Christian.

Jewish for the Jew.

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I believe all superstitions are equal and therefore do not feel the need to take them into account when I vote.

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@Les no Christians and Jewish people are not the only theists – that’s why I asked the question. I am Baha’i, I am a theist, but I am not Christian or Jewish.

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It is the same God, so what difference does it make?

Although I must admit I would favor the Jew because Jews don’t proselytize.

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@SuperMouse I think he is trying to ask if Christians and Jews would vote for non-Christians or Jews. I had asked on the other question if a Christian would prefer to vote for a Muslim over am athiest, if they feel being a theist is very important. Since you are a religious minority (assuming you live in America?), like me, I would guess generally you are always voting for someone who is not your religion.

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I am not American so that’s not really much of an issue for me. But assuming I lived (and voted) in America, and assuming I wouldn’t vote for an atheist (which I would), then I guess it wouldn’t matter much.
My opinion is not that valid though since I’ve already said I would vote for an atheist to start with.

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@JLeslie, I see what you mean. I do live in America and I have never voted for someone who is my religion.

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Depends on the candidate’s stance on issues that are important to me. The majority of Jews in the US are Democrats and/or on the more liberal side, so it is likely that I would vote for one – just based on statistical probability. (Yes, more and more Jews are becoming Republicans, it is true. Also, lots of neo-cons are Jewish.)

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I have never taken religion into consideration when voting; although my preference would be for no mention at all to be made of a candidate’s religion or lack of it.

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I would vote for the Jews for Christ party. For some reason they sound like fun.

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I wouldn’t vote for someone based off their religion. N/A .

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I’d be the black sheep of the group and root for the Jehovahs Witness candidate.

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@Bluefreedom LOL. The Jehovas don’t vote—but you probably knew that.

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@Blondesjon The Jews for Jesus folks I’ve met are anything but fun.

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I just want to clarify my answer. I in no way mean that I would vote for someone because s/he was Jewish. I am just speaking from a probability standpoint, because lots of Jews are Democrats or liberals, so if one of them ran, then I would be likely to give that person my vote.

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How about if the person that was up for election was a Satanist.

The whole blood sacrifice, pentagraph praise satin thing.

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@ChazMaz If he is doing the blood sacrificing thing I think he is a criminal, so I wouldn’t vote for him.

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Not true. It does not have to be human.
And, it could just be ritualistic.

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@ChazMaz:praise “satin”?! No, only if the candidate praised some other textile!

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Point well taken coming from a pair of boots.

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hee hee hee

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Ive always voted the straight Druid ticket even though I grew up in a Zoroastrian family. Druids are mre environmentally religious.

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But I want my candidates to be religiously environmental.

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