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Anyone know how to remove "My Documents" Icon from Vista desktop without also sending all the files to the recycling bin?

Asked by Rsam (586points) July 14th, 2009
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Right click anywhere on the desktop and then click personalise from the menu.

The control panel window for changing the wallpaper will apear.

Click on change desktop icons from the menu on the left.

Uncheck the “Users Files” box and click OK.

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Create a new My Documents folder wherever you want the new one, then move the files there.

Or just move the My Documents folder off of the desktop to somewhere else.

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@jfos my worry with doing something like this is relocating all the files contained therein (a great many) and thus causing a number of “file not found” type disputes.

Would a drag and drop of my Documents (currently in C: > users > rsam > desktop > My Documents) into C: > users > rsam > Documents (where there currently is nothing) cause such?

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