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How can I network my Vista laptop with my XP SP3 desktop?

Asked by aprilsimnel (30739points) July 14th, 2009

I have a custom-built PC desktop with a wired broadband modem. My HP laptop has a built-in WiFi card in it, so it picks up the internet, but I’m not sure how to set up a network so I can share documents between the two computers. My Google-fu has not led to much success in getting instructions in plain English on how to network these things or without me having to join some forum that costs money.

How do I get these two crazy kids together?

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Not sure how far you have gotten with this but here are some things to check:

1. Make sure that they are both on the same workgroup and have different computer names
2. Make the folders/pritners that you want to access shared
3. Make sure that either firewall is allowing File and Print Sharing ports to pass
4. Enable the “Client for Microsoft Networks” & “File and Print Sharing” on the network adapters.

This should allow you to see each others comptuer, and shares sometimes I have run into an issue with XP to Vista that requires this to be done:

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In addition to the above, under Folder Options (XP), scroll down to the bottom and uncheck the box that says “Use simple file sharing (Recommended).” It is not recommended, and causes no end of trouble.

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