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Ok, what is the deal with uggs? Do women not understand it's short for ugly?

Asked by Ansible1 (4841points) July 14th, 2009

I cringe when I see a girl wear these…much credit to the inventor though, possibly one of the best marketing schemes ever.

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Yes they are hideous!!! As a girl I would never wear those, but some women do like them I personally don’t. And some guys also wear them.

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I don’t cringe when I see a girl wear them. It’s a matter of taste and opinion.

I’d wear them if they weren’t for girls.

This calls for this:

(Old-ass picture of me wearing them).

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What if it’s cold? Don’t you have anything better to do than criticize someone’s shoes?

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I personally hate them and think they are very ugly. My sister has a pair that she wears all winter because they are apparently quite warm. She is quite cold naturally. Perhaps there are others who suffer regularly from cold feet.

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I’m not a fan but some people love them. Lots of people love crocs too.

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Glad I’m not the only one who cringes. What an awful creation!

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For my brother it’s almost like a fetish; he’s more turned on by girls with Uggs. Those crazy Australians.

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I’ve seen men wear them. Not a good look. It’s weird why those would come from Australia. It never goets that cold there. I’d have thought something like would come from Scandinavia.

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Yeah, they’re ugly. But don’t people realize that:
a) They’re SUPER comfy and warm
b) When your feet are that comfy, no one cares what other people think of their shoes.

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I don’t think all UGGs are all that ugly

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Uggs are ten times better than crocs

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic: But they have the sheep. And aren’t they made with the sheep?

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@EmpressPixie Well, sure, but does it ever get cold enough for those down under? I think if I lived there I’d get more use out of my Birkenstocks. Hmm… but they have stingy, biting things there don’t they? I’m going with boots.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic: They have most of the really horrible, will kill you quickly stingy, biting things. The really effed up animals are ALL from Australia.

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This really doesn’t justify UGGS, but you do recognize it’s not always 100*F out there right? Their winter is our summer. In the next 5 days, according to, it’s supposed to be between 42 and 62 degrees (Fahrenheit).
That’s reason enough for me to start wearing warmer clothes.

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Quite frankly, if I still lived where it was cold I would definitely go with a pair of Uggs. I don’t do icy toes or chilblains. Sexy can wait until Spring.

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They are ugly. It’s pretty hard to make snowboots glamorous. I can see wearing them for their practical qualities, of course, but not for their aesthetics or style. I guess this puts me out of touch with the popular culture again.

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I don’t think they’re ugly. I own a pair. They’re perfect for snow storms and winter in general.

You can’t really tell, but I’m wearing them in this picture.

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But I do think wearing them in the summer time is lame. :]

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I think they’re perfectly attractive. Not for me, but for cute little teenagers. They remind me of something a little Inuit would wear. Adorable. And practical if it’s cold out. I tend to be attracted to moccasin type shoes.

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@ubersiren Have you seen the UGG moccasins?

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I think they are incredibly and I would never wear them but I think they are better than flip flops in the middle of November or spike heels in school. I have been told they are comfortable and they do not damage the feet. So, while I would never wear them, I think it’s nice that there’s a fad in women’s fashion that is more about comfort than aesthetics.

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I can’t wait til that fad dies out.

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@chelseababyy : No, I haven’t! Got a link?

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Here is one. They’re so cute!! And you can get that little leather ribbon in baby blue or pink or that brown that’s shown!

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@chelseababyy Those aren’t bad looking..better than the boots

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@Facade They’re really cute. My mom has a pair, and when I was out visiting them for Christmas I pretty much adopted them and wore them the whole time. They’re super comfy.

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Do you think the suede would get messed up in the snow?

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@Facade It doesn’t really. Just gets a little wet, takes a bit to dry off, but that’s it. But then she bought some waterproof stuff online from the UGG manufacturer, and they were able to withstand a lot more.. She lives in Jersey so they get TONS of snow, esp when I was up there. They did pretty good in it though.

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Good to know :)

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If it got that cold to me around here, I may resort to them because I’ve heard they are super comfy and warm. I wear flip flops in winter though. Alot of people insist it’s freezing but my feet are invincible. I’ll wear scarves and gloves and still wear flip flops, stupid, I know, that’s just my way. They’re not very attractive. Cute, maybe, mayyybeee, but for the most part they’re what I would imagine a retarded gnome would wear in the artic.

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i like them i dont think theyre ugly i think theyre warm and practicle especially in the winter but everyone has theyr own opinion.

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I hated them at first but I really want a pair now that winter is coming. I just want to be warm and comfy. I have small feet so I can save some $$ if I buy a size 6 in kids. Now I have to decide on a color…

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@nayeight i would go for black personally because they can go with lots of things and if you wear them with black leggings they really slim your legs :)

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