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Where do you go when you just need to get away?

Asked by Les (9627points) July 14th, 2009

It has been a miserable day at work, you are tired of people and their problems, so where do you go? What is it about your place that makes you feel centered?
I always seem to develop these cravings for the modern wing at the Art Institute of Chicago (luckily, I’ll be there next week). There is something about staring into a Magritte or Picasso or even Monet that makes me feel like life is pretty good, after all. Museums are quiet, peaceful and usually full of beautiful or ingenious things. They are the perfect place (for me) to center myself and head back out into the “real” world.

I thought we could all use a little ‘escape’ today…

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If that’s not possible, I just go to another part of the city and go to dinner and/or sightsee. It’s nice to live in a huge city where 15 miles away is an entirely different experience.

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I go Downtown!

No, seriously, I can catch the free Staten Island ferry in downtown Manhattan and get away from stuff for an hour.

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About 45 min from my house is Rocky Mountain National Park. I go there all the time when I need to get away.

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I’m a stay at home mom, so I can’t just have a break at the end of the day.

But, if things are completely overwhelming me, if I get the chance, diving into a good book helps me escape. Or watching a movie, playing video games with my husband.

If I wanted to actually get away, it’d be out for a walk in a state park. I love checking out water falls and scenery.

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I go to my church front lawn.

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Lately I go for a swim in the pool. It is Olympic length and mostly empty. I find the silky slide of the water relieves most of the stress of the day.

When I really want to be alone, I head into the woods. Large trees put my speck of a lifespan into perspective for me.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities : That’s a good place. Laramie, WY doesn’t have much in the way of “beauty”, but it is nice to know that RMNP is only about 2.5 hours away. ;-)

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I ride my bike to Golden Gate Park. Also, you can’t go wrong with the library.

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there’s a pond in the woods behind my house, no one knows about it. phone gets turned off, the guitar gets strapped to my back and I get a chance to be alone with my thoughts for a change.

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I go hiking in the woods on trails nearby or visit a park next to the river. I just like to get outdoors, away from people and enjoy the fresh air.

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I sit at the beach.

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I love going to the used bookstore in my city. It’s owned by a reclusive guy named Rick and I’ve been going there for about 8 years. I love to take my time and poor over the books. Since it is used and people are coming in and selling their books all the time, there are always different books there. It is peaceful and I often lose track of time while regaining my piece of mind.

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@aprilsimnel – we must be on the same wavelength today. About 4 words into reading the question that song popped in my head. Well that and the theme to Cheers.

If I can’t escape on a big scale like say by traveling, I’ll escape by throwing myself into something I enjoy…music, TV, movies, books, video games, internet browsing.

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I slap on my running shoes and go to the Holdem Arboredum.

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My default place is my car. I’ll drive somewhere quiet, under a tree. Roll down all the windows – read or take a nap.

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I doubt I can escape my own mind…

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I go nowhere—nobody’s ever there.

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Out to the pool. I can’t get in right now, but the sound of the water filtering is very relaxing.

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Simply go to the movies on ur own and treat yourself right with some stuff to munch. Always works! !

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If it’s possible to get away, I get a pedicure and go to a movie alone.

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If I’m stressed I just hole myself in my room on my laptop and go on my favorite funny websites to cheer myself up… Cracked, texts from last night, my life is average, etc. Maybe read a book. I’ll probably IM smack and bitch to her. On many occasions, after a bad day/night, I simply blast the music in my car on the drive home and sing at the loudest possible volume. One night I even circled around the backstreets before I arrived home cause I just needed the time to fucking yell and have all the sound drown my thoughts/feelings.

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I usually head to the forest… there is much solace and healing amongst the trees!

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Prague. If I can’t afford it, there’s a secluded beach I know…works better in the winter though.

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I like to go to the Indian Heaven Wilderness area.

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a dark, safe corner of my mind….

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To the bookstore. There’s people there, but they don’t bother you. The Barnes and noble near me has nice chairs for reading.

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A cemetery. If the weather doesn’t permit, then a bookstore.

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@MacBean That is so funny cause I said bookstore, and the other answer I was debating was cemetery. I live near the largest oldest Victorian cemetery in the US and I find so much peace walking amongst the 370,000 permanent residents who rest there.

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