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Getting my email back?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1991points) July 14th, 2009

Now I hate coming here for tech support, but I’m positive someone here knows how to help me.

Well I got a Macbook about a year back and signed up for their email. Well a year later I get a notification saying my MobileMe subscription had ended and they want me to pay $100 to reactivate it. I remember putting out the $100 for the Time Machine service they provide, so I assume the MobileMe was part of that. But now do I really have to pay $100 to get my email back? I never used any of the features besides the email really, and there is no way I’m paying $100 just to send emails.

It wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but I spent the last year getting all of my contact info switched over to that email, and now I can’t access it. Any help?

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A MobileMe* subscription costs $100 and lasts for a year. That’s how you can get it back. (Sorry)

MobileMe also gives you a website, a photo gallery (on the website), online storage (5GB), it syncs your contacts and calendars across machines (Mac, PC, iPhone/iPod Touch), and can locate a lost iPhone, and more, although it doesn’t do your laundry.

You spent $100 for a backup service? Was it included in MobileMe*? Time Machine, the application is free and included, but there was a backup app included with .Mac.

*If it was longer ago, it may have been called ”.Mac” (said “Dot Mac”). If you bought it with your Mac you should have saved $30, (if the deal was around then, which I think it was).

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@EnzoX24 – You could set Mail up to use Gmail. It is free and has plenty of space for most people.

As far as getting your mail from your MobileMe you might have to contact them to see if something can be done about forwarding your mail.

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@Bri_L Nope. Sorry, they get your $ or they keep it.

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@jpasq03 – I meant forwarding the copies of the mail he already received, but I guess he should have those on his computer.

Also, set up that Gmail account, or Yahoo or whatever ASAP and send something out to everyone so you don’t miss your email

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@Bri_L No, they’re on a server, unless it was set up in Mail before then.

Good advice.

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