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Do you really practice the principle that "anything worth doing is worth doing well"?

Asked by Jeruba (51639points) July 14th, 2009

Or do you let things go with a lick and a promise, as they say?

If you’re really fussy and meticulous about doing certain things thoroughly and right, and you usually let the rest go with hasty half-measures, what are the things you always do with great care? What routinely gets short shrift from you?

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If I really believed that, I wouldn’t have time to do everything that needs done. Sometimes, as they say, “Good enough is good enough.”

The things vary, depending on need and, frankly, level of interest. For instance, I don’t clean worth crap, unless there’s a crisis like the appraiser coming over. On the other hand, I feel like I can keep the forces of chaos at bay by having a real dinner cooked, with fresh ingredients, most nights.

At work, I’m much less lazy. I do data entry for a living; I’m the most accurate person in my department. That’s worth doing well because I’m paid a premium to do so.

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When I feel like it, yes.

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No. Life’s too short.

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I don’t spend too much time on household stuff. I haven’t made my bed since I was 15. I take my school work very seriously, pursuing a BS in international business right now. I take my work very seriously no matter what I am doing. And I take the upkeep of my character the most serious of all.

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I fight perfectionism.

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Things that are worth doing are worth doing well.

Things that are not worth doing, but must be done for one reason or another, get a lick and a promise.

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Honestly, I have to be interested in what it is for me to do it well. I do tend to do the bare minimum, but I actually don’t like that about myself, and I’ve been working on changing that.

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I practice the principle but I don’t do it well.

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If it’s worth doing, then doing it half-assed is better than not doing it at all. And if half-assed is okay—well then why bother?

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As @cwilbur says, Things that are worth doing are worth doing well. However, things you have to do even if you don’t want to are only worth doing “close enough for government work.”

Except for taxes. There the better the job the less expensive the result.

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Things that are worth doing are worth doing well, and everything esle is done with the attitude good enough for government work.

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Not really. My life is very hectic most of the time (well, to me at least), so a lick and a promise is about as good as it gets. I could not care less about being a good house keeper, laundress, or cook. About the only things I’m terribly concerned about doing well are more to do with non measurable things. Like being a good mother and a good person in general. I also care about being a good Community Manager. :D

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I want to be a good cook, because I have to eat what I cook.

But housekeeping and laundry? Feh!

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When I’m thinking of trying to put something creative before the public, I believe that. If I’m just doing work for an employer, I only do it for things that I think really matter, like customer service. When I do things for my family or friends, I like to do them well. Yeah, I always like to do things well, but I don’t always put in the time to do the best I could possibly do. Generally I think I do things well enough.

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