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Have you ever hooked with anyone from Craigslist , like casual encounter whatever?

Asked by ESV (468points) July 14th, 2009 from iPhone

I just wanted to know if it’s real .Is it safe?

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No. But, I did find another personal that live in my area who was planning on going to Coachella( in California), as well.. Coachella is a three day music festival. So, we (the girl that I was seeing at the time) met up with this other person, got to know her and ended up traveling with her. The hotel room was much cheaper that way.

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As in just “hooking up” for the night? Not getting to know each other and dating? No clue if it is real, but I would not think it is safe.

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I don’t think it’s too safe after reading about the craigslist murderer!!!!!

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Craigslist is the men’s rest area bathroom of the twenty first century.

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You’d be going to meet the kind of person who advertises on-line for NSA sex. How safe could it be?

Sure perfectly harmless people may do it. But the fact that it’s how a person chooses their sexual partners would be a huge warning sign to me.

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It’s real. It’s about as safe as any other sort of casual, mostly anonymous sex.

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these people go to clinics first for drug & disease testing i hope.

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I agree with @cwilbur…it’s about as safe as hooking up with some random guy at a bar. Both encounters can lead to trouble if the person turns out to be a murderer or something, and you could get an STD.

Although I would say you’re at greater risk of contracting an STD from craigslist personals. Not every guy at a bar is there to pick up chicks…many are there just getting a drink/meeting their friends. However, Craiglist personals are pretty much exclusively for getting casual sex. The sort of people who would use it are more likely to have STDs or things like that, judging by their sexual lifestyle.

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No it’s not safe. Didn’t you hear about people getting killed through this?

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