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Is Kobayashi's movie Harakiri an inspiration for The Usual Suspects?

Asked by justin (179points) December 9th, 2006
I saw Harakiri last week, and after seeing that the director was Kobayashi, couldn't help thinking about The Usual Suspects. The way the story shifts during repeated retelling of events made me think of the structure of The Usual Suspects as well. Does anyone know if this was an influence? Was the lawyer's name in The Usual Suspects a reference to the director?
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that's interesting - i'm not sure. i would like to see Harakiri. i've always thought that The Usual Suspects was inspired by the Japanese classic Rashomon, put to film by Kurasawa.
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*also of rashomon/film linkages (albeit far more literally): Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai*

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