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How do I delete a question on Fluther?

Asked by ItsxJess (36points) July 14th, 2009
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[mod says] There is no way to delete a question on Fluther, short of asking the moderators very nicely and providing a legitimate reason. We tend NOT to remove Qs, because once they have gotten a fair number of answers, the information itself is/may be of value to other members. However, sometimes we can be persuaded if there are good reasons to want a Q removed.

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And a generous donation to the Fluther Moderators Maui Retirement Fund couldn’t hurt.

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Listen to AstroChuck. AstroChuck is right.

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Click on the word “contact” at the top of the page, and explain why you want the question removed. If you have a reason that the mods agree with, it will disappear. If not, they will tell you why.

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