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Does anyone care about Mobile TV?

Asked by Maverick (2458points) January 5th, 2008

There is a big push right now by mobile carriers to make people believe they want mobile TV, and analysts seem to be lapping it up. But, does anyone actually want live TV on their phone? Personally, I hate TV and do everything I can to avoid it (in particular LIVE TV). I think Apple has a much better system at the moment for automatically loading movies, podcasts, and other video content to their iPhone (and iPods) without all those annoying ads. Will anyone actually pay extra just for live TV on a tiny cel phone screen? I know I won’t.

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I don’t pay extra – it comes with my unlimited internet plan, but I can’t say it gets used all that much. When it comes to following important news stories, it is sometimes nice to flip on CNN – but all in all, not that useful.

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Free Ill take it. But I wont pay for it.

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Can’t say that it would intrest me in the least on have television on my phone. The only exception that could see it beig any good at all for is possbly those who commute long distances by bus or train – maybe give em something to do. I used to ride the bus for a hour each way when I lived in Seattle, and I suppose I may have used it then – But the crossword puzzles and soduku(sp?) did just fine for me.

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I like to use my phone as a phone.

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I’ve long thought that was stupid but am amused to realize that I would buy rabbit ears for my DS Lite. (They’re selling in Japan.)

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I had Mobile TV on Verizon for awhile. I loved it. But of course the iPhone is much better with all its capabilities. I actually cancelled my Verizon account just to get the iPhone.

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I wouldn’t use it, even if it was free.
TV sucks.

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