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What is the weirdest computer problem you've ever had?

Asked by DominicX (28803points) July 14th, 2009

My computer is going down the toilet fast and I know that; I have already saved all my work onto CDs and USB drives, so I am not worried. I am going to get a 2.8 GHZ 15-inch MacBook Pro for college.

Right now, my computer has this problem where it starts randomly playing music out of nowhere. I will have nothing open, just the blank desktop and I will start hearing music playing. At first I thought I was going crazy, but no, my laptop seems to turn itself into a radio for no reason. I probably have a virus (I’ve never had a virus or spyware on this computer). But it’s time for a replacement. This is getting too annoying and too freaky. :)

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Computers in general… Computers ARE the problem.

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I was sitting in my living room about three weeks ago and all of a sudden we heard this neener neener neener neener coming from somewhere. I figured out it was the computer room, namely my computer. I shut it down using the dreaded power button and when I turned it back on everything was fine. So weird.

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So you decided on a Macbook, eh? That’s probably a better choice.

One time I tried to start up a game, and instead of actually loading the application, the monitor shut off. It didn’t just go black, it literally shut off. The indicator light shut off and everything. When I turned it back on, it acted like the computer wasn’t detecting the monitor (it was giving me the “no video signal” message).

I have two monitor ports, so I switched to the unused one, but the problem persisted. I then switched back to the port I had been using, and it worked perfectly fine. I have since had no troubles, and the game never actually ever loaded.

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It also doesn’t help that the music it’s playing right now is really creepy-sounding. It sounds like a creepy movie’s advertisement background music. Before, it was like two people talking about the Jonas Brothers.


Yeah, I thought it was time for a change. Same price as the Windows computer, though, but I want to switch it up. But as I explained before, my dad will spend any amount on a computer because he doesn’t care; he’s loaded as fuck. ;P I’ve been using Windows for a while and I want to get used to Mac now.

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I was sitting in my backyard, when all of a sudden my laptop shot across the yard, checking it’s stopwatch and worriedly muttering, “Oh Dear! Oh Dear! I’m Late!”

It made a beeline for the fence and disappeared down a laptop hole before I could follow it.

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My macbook pro is 3 years old. It’s been working fine but lately dvds have been gettting stuck in my superdrive. Usually pushing eject works, but I have no clue why it’s so ornery now. It once took me 30 minutes to remove a dvd, trying every trick in the book. Today was the first day in a few weeks I didn’t have to use any tricks to get my dvd out.

On my laptop that’s like 17 years old, the screen blacks out if it’s placed too far back, which really isn’t all that far back, so I have to like cradle it when I play so it doesn’t black out.

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My idiot little brother went to /g/ for troubleshooting, rather than to me.

Long story short, they told him to delete the System32 folder, and I had to reinstall the entire OS.


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lol! Gotta love 4chan.

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I have a habit of closing my laptop without closing any programs. One night a few weeks ago I closed it while itunes was playing and went to bed.
In the middle of the night, music started coming out of my closed laptop. freaked me out.

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I have been having something happening as well w/my music.
it keeps disappearing then reappearing at a later time.
dunno why, but it is happening.
haven’t gotten around to saving everything yet, but thinking it might be a good idea now.

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@DominicX… Too funny. Maybe it’s possessed?

Mine’s on borrowed time, too. Will be 7 years old in December. The monitor will just go black every now & then. Programs zone out. A little white square appears in the top left hand corner. It throws its little fits & then it comes back. Just quirky things that it’s doing now.

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my friend swore that her computer was possessed by an alien or something. she’d be on wordpad or google, and in the part where you type, weird sentences would start coming up when she wasn’t typing. how creepy.

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Mine’s only 2 years old and it’s already crapping out. Computers should last longer than that.

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@DominicX God, yes! Is it under any kind of warranty yet?

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I don’t know. I’m not getting rid of it, though. I’m going to erase the hard drive and load Windows 7 on it when it becomes available. I’m also going to load Ubuntu Linux on it. The actual physical machine doesn’t seem to have any problems other than that some of the keys are rubbing off. It’ll just be an extra computer of mine.

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woo Linux

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Bumping my desk made Firefox go back a page. I could repeat it damn near everytime. Removing the USB keyboard cable from my iMac and plugging it back in solved it.

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@DominicX well, it sure should last more than 2 years. What do you wanna bet that it was made either on a Monday or a Friday!

I just had this in the shop last week. My computer guru said Windows 7 is a good program. Better than that evil Vista!

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Not as good as Linux

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Linux is hard to use. It’s almost too customizable.

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Linux doesn’t have to be hard to use. You could use Ubuntu right out of the box for a year without changing anything or installing any new software. But yes, it is highly customizable. Depending on exactly what you want to do, it can get tricky. There is plenty of help online though.

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An ongoing issue, I still cannot get DVD or CD drives to work in my computer. They’ll have power, they’ll be seen in BIOS, but they won’t be seen otherwise (in My Computer, etc).

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Anytime my son gets on anyone’s computer, the sound card immediately stops working and can never be revived.

I guess that is more a son problem than a computer problem, though.

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got some weird ass virus where I’d randomly get flash born bombs. 100 windows of porn would pop up and then disappear in about 45 seconds. really awkward sometimes you know? got a new computer, lost a lot of my files though.

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I’ve had the blue screen of death materialize on my computer on several occasions and that sucks each and every time it happens.

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@Bluefreedom That is another thing my son is good at producing, except on x-box, where it is the red ring of death.

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@Darwin. Red ring of death, yikes. I wonder what the equivalent of that would be on my PS3?

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@eambos. That really sucks. You’d think after the first 7 times he tried to restart his machine that he would finally figure out his PS3 was no better than a huge paperweight at that point.

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Occasionally, during restarts, my Studio laptop forgets how to eject a CD. about 15 minutes afterwards, after I’ve pressed the primary and alternative eject buttons several billion times, it ejects one CD, followed by it ejecting nothing several billion times. And I can’t go online without using Internet explored because of the 64-bit processor. I can’t even use Flash!

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We had a gas cooker in the Kitchen that had electronic ignition. Every time you lit the gas the computer printer would go through a print cycle!
I solved the problem by changing to an old fashioned light it yourself cooker, which had the added bonus of still working during a power outage.

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In the early days of Internetdom I stumbled upon a few sites that used exploits in Javascript or HTML to eject my CD drive. That always freaked the hell out of me.

For a while I had a problem with my graphics card similar to Ivan where sometimes my monitor would simply turn off. Finally I learned that if I removed and replaced the graphics card all was fine…..but not after tossing a 22 inch monitor (the symptoms didn’t seem to fit the solution).

A while later the same graphics card would throw a fatal exception (BSoD) at one specific game. I just about gave up….I looked at everything…..everything but the gpu fan…..That one had me stumped for so long. It didn’t make sense that it was fine for all my other games but one. Shows how tough those Radeon 9500 series gpus were though.

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