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Which is better the Samsung Eternity or the LG Vu?

Asked by Emelo123 (84points) July 14th, 2009

Im turning 16 soon and my moms getting me a new phone. i want to update my phone for school. I have a contract with At&T and it last 2 years. ORiginally i have a walkman. and it sucks. My mom told me to choose between these two. I cant get the iphone. I dont know which to get they are both pretty cool phones. LG with no commitment is 249 and the samsung with no commitment is 270. Which is better?

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Sorry, but I say iPhone.

The Vu is extremely lightweight, in that it has practically no mass. (with a bad touch screen and their only selling points are 1) Crappy touch screen and 2) Internet TV!! So you can pay them much more money!! Yay.)
Samsung touch screens suck, from what I’ve seen. (Unresponsive and horrible).

iPhone w/ commitment is $200 and [your voice plan] + $30 a month (for data, like, the real internet)

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Yeah but im in a 2 year contract and they dont sell the iphone with no commitment, And my cousin has the samsung eternity and shes had it for 7 months and she’s had no complaint with it.And she says is the bes phone shes ever hadd. But my brother has had the iphone for 1 month and already had to switch it because the touch screen had a problem. So now my brother wants to update to the Samsung Eternity. so the iphone is not a choice for me at this point! Once my contract iis over im switching to another company anyway but untill thenn i want a touch screen phone that i can use untill my contracts over. which is in about a year or so! .

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@Emelo123 Your brother had a 1 year warranty that covers almost everything!

Sorry to hear that. But yeah, samsung sounds like the better choice.

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