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Which is the best flat iron for me?

Asked by Emelo123 (84points) July 14th, 2009

I have really curly hair. It looks like this:
Its longg like to the middle of my back or longer. And im getting a new flat iron for school and i wanted to know the best out there for my kind of hair.

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Chi, you gotta get a Chi. Nothing compares.

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My daughter has curly hair, lots of it, too. She has a Chi – they are pricey, but well worth it!


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Why not just wear it curly? It’s very pretty :)

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I have had a Paul Mitchell one for over a year and it’s still as great as the day I bought it. I got it on sale for just over $100 with my friend’s stylist discount. She said the Chis have to be replaced much more often in the salon.

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yeahh itts pretty cutee but like i change my hair style alot and i love my hair straight.
heres how it looks straight

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