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What is the biggest risk you've ever taken in your life and how did it turn out?

Asked by lilgiraffe (283points) July 14th, 2009
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Got engaged after 2½ months. Worked out great.

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Having kids. What could be riskier than being responsible for a child? It is fraught with peril!

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Getting married – it has had its up and downs and has certainly been an adventure, but most of the things I worried about have failed to come to pass.

Having children – babies do not come with instructions. Neither do teenagers.

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Moving 3,000 miles from the place I was born and raised with only $1400 and all my stuff in two suitcases and three boxes to live with a family I’d never met in a city/state I’d never been to with no job prospects.

Six weeks later the options were either kill myself or go back to NY. Hello from Albany.

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Might have been ditching my whole life, job, apartment, friends, family, and everything I knew to move across the country and into the home of a man with whom I’d spent only five actual days, not even consecutive. That was 32 years ago, and it’s still working out.

Or maybe it was jumping into a stranger’s car at a stoplight in Cincinnati and telling him where I needed him to take me.

Could just as well have been jaywalking Memorial Drive in Cambridge during rush hour every night for several years.

Gosh, or maybe it was crashing in some random kid’s apartment in Beacon Hill one warm night during the Summer of Love in Boston.

??? I bet it was bringing that weird guy home from the restaurant that one time…
...or letting a stranger give me a lift from Salisbury station to Stonehenge…

I guess I don’t know. It could have been when I crossed the street yesterday.

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I would rather not give details, but I can tell you that following my heart has generally been a good thing. Taking that large risk last year was the best thing I could have done. But the whole plan fell apart when I stopped following my heart and started thinking rationally. The result was very bad after that.

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I have never regretted taking any of the risks that I have taken in life. I wish I had taken more.

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Jumping off a cliff. It didn’t end up well, since I died and all. Ohwell.

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that explains the smell….

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