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What can i do when i'm bored?

Asked by boredascanbe21 (2points) July 14th, 2009

i’m really bored. and i tried as much as possible to figure something out to do. but i don’t want to eat or masturbate.

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Read a book.
Call an old friend or a family member.
Organize your junk drawer.
Make a sandwich and deliver it to a homeless guy.
Do a yoga video.
Rearrange your living room.
Learn how to say “where is the bathroom” in 3 languages.

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Sign up on Fluther. Good job.

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Learn how to do a handstand.
Learn to juggle.
Solve interesting puzzles online.
Answer old fluther questions.

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try to count how many flutherites fluther has…

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I’d also like to add, answer fluther questions like @Jayne said, start making some lurve!

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Grab some paper and a pencil. You might be surprised with what you end up making.

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Draw a picture of a jellyfish and post it somewhere where all of us can look at it.
Rearrange the furniture in your bedroom.
Read a book.
Go for a walk. (One of my favorite things to do at night.)
Write a poem about ryanpowell.

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Addicting Games
This is a great way to kill time!

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@jamielynn2328 :: Funny you would say that.. Blame this on Allie. The idea is to post a new video every day. link

The suggest a video feature is done. I just need to sober up and push it in to the site.

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Ride a bike or skateboard around.. This feels my boredom. Get drunk.
Go here Its a stencil site. print thme or tape them to the screen and trace them. Then get an exacto knife and cut the one parts out. Voila paint it on public places illegally which is a rush or legal places like on tee shirts. I made the Obama stencil on the site put it up in my town. Maybe 15 of them. They were all buffed in 5 days time.

Go fishing. Shoot guns. Its summer swim.

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You can’t go wrong with sock puppets.

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I would have never guessed you were bored based on you name?

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You could do the landscaping in my front yard. I promise not to feed you afterward.

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Learn something new.

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It looks like most of us avoid boredom very well. If all else fails-THINK

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Visit the charity site Freerice. The advertisers make a donation to help fight world hunger, and you get to play a fun game free.

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