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Asked by prochef360blogaus (2points) July 14th, 2009
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I only have vegetarian recepies, I could share if you want. But I have no meat ones though…

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They are really easy to make. What kind do you prefer? Meat, no meat?

We buy the wraps, lay out the ingredients that we prefer, fold up the bottom of the wrap (tuck to form a bottom to the wrap) and then roll up the wrap, as tight as possible.

We make grilled chicken wraps, veggie wraps, tuna wraps, grilled veggie wraps, whatever we’re in the mood for…they are easy and quick.

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@cak Hmm could you share with me more veggie wraps??
Although this isn’t my question….

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@Tink1113 – We love grilled veggies – grilled bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini – everything. I’ll do some of those, with some coarse sea salt and cracked pepper, maybe a bit of olive oil and add some cheese – depends on what I have on hand. Roll it up and it’s ready to go!

We just wing it. It’s just whatever is in the fridge – we always have stuff on hand and ready to grill. :)

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@cak Sounds good thanks :)

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Here is one that I would try. I love ginger, it’s one of my favorite things to season with! (buy fresh ginger root, throw it in a sandwich baggie and use it as needed! Fresh is the best!)

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