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What influences you most when first visiting a website?

Asked by Grisaille (12025points) July 14th, 2009

Is it the community? Topical discussion? Opinions? News?

I know, every website has a different focus. I’m trying to gather ideas here.

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Design. And the amount of ads. I normally use ad blocking software. But a ton of ads turn me off.

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The layout. A website with a sloppy layout is difficult to look at and makes me immediately want to close the page. A website that is neat and organized makes me think the site is serious and not something that is going to waste my time.

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Free BBW videos

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Learning random shit, the community, random discussions, great design , pancakes

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Accessibility of the site. Is it easy for me to navigate? Does it play instantly horrible music?

If the layout is horrible (first impression) I won’t go back.

Latest site I fell in love with. it’s very web 2.0. Provides useful information and narrows down my searches. And has easy aces to a lot of information. Microsoft did a good job with that one.

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Professionalism, in all its many guises. Is the design clean? Is navigation user friendly? Is everything spelled properly? Is correct grammar used? Things that can send me screaming into the night: Obnoxious animation or noises, too much crammed into too little space, too many ads.

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How quickly it loads.
How easy it is to navigate.
How well it answers my questions or addresses my needs.

Even if it is of poor design, but has something I need, I will continue to go back out of necessity, but not happily!

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Navigation. Need to be clear. I dont have problem with ads if website have good navigation. Design is good but its not important to me because im looking for input and not fancy sh*t

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