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Where can I find this song I'm looking for?

Asked by chelseababyy (7934points) July 15th, 2009

I’m listening to Pandora and just came across this song called Planet by Kemopetrol.
I’ve looked on frostwire and Isohunt and The Pirate Bay but I can’t seem to find it!

Anyone else have any ideas on where I can get my hands on it?

Here’s the song on YouTube

The Album it’s on is Teleport

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this is what i use. it’s perfect for those songs that you can only find on youtube and drive yourself crazy trying to find elsewhere…

edit: if you don’t want to download it though, i can convert it myself and send it to you via mediafire if you’d like?

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@tiffyandthewall Really? You’d do that!? Oh my gosh! That would be awesome. Wow I sound like a giddy little school girl

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@chelseababyy yeah, of course! haha i’m downloading it now, i’ll upload it to mediafire and link you to it asap.

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Okay :D Thank you!

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you’re welcome.

let me know if it doesn’t work or something, i haven’t used mediafire in awhile.

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It did. You’re awesome. Thank you muchooo! :D

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yay, you’re welcome! :DD

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Or you could do atube catcher and convert it to MP3!

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Youtube had aweful quality though, I’d like some suggestions from people where ELSE to find a particular song. For a while back Seeqpod was used to crawl blogs and podcasts for MP3’s and allowed you to search for them, I always got high quality and the weirdest songs were to be found. But I guess it was from America cause the service got stopped.

Is there an equivalent, preferrably not hosted in the ‘thou shall not download music’- USA?

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For future endeavors, Chelsea, I would suggest You copy and paste the URL of the youtube video and click download. It will strip the mp3 audio file off of the video file and then you can download the mp3.

The website does have a TOS stating…
1. This service is not to be used to download audio that is copyrighted.
2. Audio quality is not guaranteed. MP3 audio is extracted from the flv video file as-is.
But… of course no one ever really follows that…

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@aiwendil Oo. Thank you. That’s awesomeness. There are always songs I can’t find in torrents or elsewhere, that I can only seem to find on YouTube!

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its on itunes so for the very best audio quality and because there no protection on itunes songs now just dl it from there! i know u probably want it free but this is probably the best i think

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oh i know…... limewire

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well i tried looking for the song on youtube but i still couldnt find it

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