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What's the best way you've found to improve your singing voice?

Asked by lilgiraffe (286points) July 15th, 2009
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Practice, practice, practice.

There’s tons of good voice exercising/practice websites and tuning sites

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I know everyone will say, practice. And so will I, practicing is good. I have also found that just singing along to songs will improve you.

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Singing! Scales help expand your range and singing from your diaphragm with help with control. Record yourself and you’ll be able to chart your progress as well as hear what you need to work on more.

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I’ve found by restricting my singing to the shower, my singing voice is pretty darn good. Outside the shower, my singing seems to cause dogs to howl. See ya… (my initials)

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I hve been having lessons for the past 10 years, 5 of those years have been with one of the best singing teachers in the area. It costs me a lot of money but it is worth it. I perform on a very regular basis and so I feel it is very important for me to have a lesson at least once a week. Not only does it help strengthen my voice and control which protects the voice but also builds on my confidence. I would recommend that anyone who is serious about singing finds a decent singing teacher. Vocal practise sites are all very good but a lot of the time you need someone else to hear what you are doing in order to correct you if needs be. It is easy to damage the singing voice if you don’t get proper tuition so if you are serious about singing (and can afford it) I would say that this should be first on your to do list.

If you are already having lessons then I agree with everyone else. Make sure you practise in between lessons. My teacher gives me tasks to work on the days that I don’t see her and it is so important that I do these. She ALWAYS knows if I have been slacking!!!

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Rock Band on expert. It’s fun, it requires paying attention to your pitch, and you probably already have a friend with the game.

It’s not going to give you pro-level singing abilities (or anywhere near them), but it’ll make you less embarrassed to sing in front of people. Either because you’ve improved or because you’re just immune to that embarrassment now. I’m not sure which.

Actually, untrue—I know I was terrible before playing Rock Band and as I got better I actually, you know, sounded better.

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@EmpressPixie I see your Rock Band and raise you Guitar Hero: World Tour.

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@Grisaille: I see your GH:WT and raise you RB2 with all the original RB songs and a metric tonne of downloads. Because that is how we roll.

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@EmpressPixie I see your RB2 w/ RB original songs and metric tonne of downloads and raise you a social life.



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@Grisaille: You realize it’s a party game, right? So it mixes with a social life.

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@EmpressPixie Hush with your logic, you.

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@Leanne1986 Oooohh… Sounds cool. Got any recordings of your voice on youtube or anything like that by any chance?

And to offer a different take on the question, I’ve found that I’ve improved on my singing voice when people tell me so (or when windows stop breaking).

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I just practice and practice and practice and i keep getting better and better
everytime i do :)

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You could practice as they say, but if it’s not there, it’s not there. i’m not much help am I?

…But if it is there, definitely practice and get objectives opinions on your progress

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@Saturated_Brain Haha..if there is anything on Youtube with me singing I haven’t put it there. I have been training, mainly, in Opera for the past few years but to make a bit of extra money have sung with more Rock/Country based bands. I’ll sing anything providing it doesn’t damage my voice and any hopes I have of singing at Covent Garden one day :)

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I think that the best way is to make sure you don’t force your voice to sing in a tone/pitch that hurts your voice or that you just can’t do. I think that it’s best to find a voice that just slips through your lips, almost naturally. It may not neccessarily be the voice you wish you had, but sometimes you just have to accept it. Also don’t strain your vocal cords, or you may as well just say goodbye to singing in the first place. Also your voice is the best, don’t ever try to imitate other singers, because indiviuality is always the best

And it may sound stupid but try singing in the shower, because the echo allows you to hear yourself sing more clearly and help you to recognise your flaws and work on them. Also aproach someone that you know won’t be afraid to tell you if you suck and see what they think. =D

I wish you luck with whatever future you may be aiming for with singing. :)
Practice makes perfect! XDDD

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I’m gonna advice you to practice too, but try following a regime…. practice scales, they expand your voice range a good deal.

Just a few tips I’ve learnt along the way being a chorister for about 15 years…

You can control your ‘louds’ and ‘softs with your abdomen muscles. Pushing them in will result in ‘louds’ while letting them relax will give you ‘softs’. Also, breathe with your diaphragm, because it really gives you the ability to hold on to notes for longer with a better voice quality.

First, though, you really need to know at what range your voice sounds good!

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I agree with Ruthi that’s a great way to improve too. :)

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i find that a good way to improve your singing voice is to have a greater range. if you find low note difficult try singing songs with notes that are difficult to reach. if you find high notes hard then do the same. there are some notes that you will never be able to reach but you can strengthen your voice in areas that are weak by using this method. Im a singr and it worked for me.

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