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What's with NFL football players saying "the" before their university name?

Asked by hoopski (49points) January 5th, 2008 from iPhone

…during the starting lineup introductions.

I remember hearing it for the first time a few seasons ago with players who attended the Ohio State University. Now it seems like more and more players are saying ”the” before their school name (e.g., ”the” LSU, ”the” Auburn Tigers) with an emphasis on the word “the”.

How did this get started? Is there more than one Ohio State University?

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It seems like players do it in states with multiple state named universities. Like Ohio (Ohio University and Ohio State University), they say it in Washington as well (THE Washington State University, or THE University of Washington). Implying it is the only Ohio, WA, etc, university that matters. :)

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I think it started with Miami University. There are two one in Florida and one in Ohio. The one in Florida was called “the U”. Others copied ” the” prefix and there you go.

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Disappointingly, grammar is not one of the requisite courses for a phys ed major.

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It’s because they’re from college that are know for having very good football programs. Like saying THE one and only.

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“THE Washington State University?”

C’mon, everyone knows that academically, University of Washington is way better. And all employers care about is academics anyways.

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Actually it stems from the creation of the second university in the state of Ohio, Ohio University. Alumni and students as a response to the question “which Ohio university did/do you attend?” the answer became “The” Ohio State University. Indicating their wish to single out OSU as a superior institution to OU.
In recent years “The U” has been the perfered nominclature when referring to University of Miami as a means of differentiating themselves from University of Florida.

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I know this is a bump, but I have to butt in here as a member of the Ohio State community.
By Ohio law, the university’s official name includes the “the.” This can be found in the Ohio Revised Code, Title 33, Chapter 3335, Section 1. This has become a source of pride and individuality in the OSU community, and we will always refer to the institution as The Ohio State University.

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