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Why does the Fluther chat room Coral Reef work for some people and not for others?

Asked by RareDenver (13168points) July 15th, 2009

I can get in fine but quite a few users seem to have trouble getting into Coral Reef, is there some trick to it?

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@sap82 I liked your answer, reminded me of my dad

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nope. you have to make sure you have the CORRECT URL. bookmarking it when you’re in there already doesn’t work:

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@eponymoushipster wins! People try to use old links or the URL they bookmarked after they got in. Neither will work.

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Hey just checked this site out… pretty funky!!

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we have a chat room?! why wasnt i told?!

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How to log in? It says email and password. So I put in my email and password I use for this site. And it doesn’t work…

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@Saturated_Brain: Use the link Eponymous has in his comment. It shouldn’t ask for email and password.

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I didn’t know we had a chat room either.

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I tried the chat room for the first time and it wouldn’t let me in. I used the link @eponymoushipster posted. It told me that I had signed out and that I needed to sign back in. I was never in!

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@jonsblond: Try clearing your browser’s cache and trying the link again.

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@jonsblond if it was Thursday night/Friday morning, the chat room was locked for a while, around 12midnight EST.

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@eponymoushipster That explains it. Thanks!

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I have an idea: Pete, why don’t you just talk to your mod buddies and fix this problem??

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Ummm… why can’t I get in now? the above URL isn’t working :-(

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@hearkat they changed the URL. i’ll PM you. :)

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@eponymoushipster any chance you can send us the new one too?

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@RareDenver it was changed due to some problems. I know @hearkat isn’t one of those problems. It’d be imprudent to post it in public therefore; contact the mods. :)

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